CrossFi Foundation Launches Ambassador Grant Program

CrossFi Foundation Launches Ambassador Grant Program

CrossFi Foundation launches a program for ambassadors on December 14 with a goal to promote financial inclusivity together with the community. The event is part of a 50$ million Grant Program aimed at promoting blockchain technology, bridging it with traditional finance, and fairly distributing funds among the most active creators, developers, and other community members.

CrossFi Foundation is a non-commercial organization standing behind Cross Finance, an ecosystem of products aimed at bridging the gap between the world of decentralized assets and traditional finance. Cross Finance’s products encompass a wide range of services, such as cross-border payment, banking cards, fiat accounts, cross-chain transfers, staking, and support both crypto and fiat currencies.

The GrossFi Foundation’s Ambassador program remunerates for creating and distributing useful and unique content on the benefits of marrying traditional finance and blockchain, certain aspects of underlying technology and Cross Finance company milestones. Program participants can choose to perform such actions as subscribing or posting on social media, trying out various products of the ecosystem and sharing the experience online, and participating in promotional campaigns.

CrossFi Ambassadors can choose one of two tracks to submit the application, or participate in all:

Creator. Create unique content about the Cross Finance ecosystem like an article, video review, or graphics.
Distributor. Implement, or post materials about the Cross Finance ecosystem on such resources as LinkedIn, Discord, Facebook, Medium, Telegram, X.

The Ambassador program will be set in stages. The first stage for creators includes creating and developing content about the Cross Finance technology. Participants are invited to reflect on key facts and turn into the content the goals of the Cross Finance ecosystem, its advantages, as well as the future plans of the company. During this stage, they can create videos, articles, and visuals. Distributors will be invited to spread the content for their audiences across the channels that are compliant with the CrossFi Foundations terms which are available on the webpage. During the implementation of the Ambassador Grant Program, other stages will be gradually launched.

Applications are submitted on the CrossFi Foundation official website. All appliers will be evaluated based on a range of factors, including their ability to contribute to the ecosystem growth, promotion effectiveness, etc. All participants will be equipped with the media kit designed to help navigate the Cross Finance ecosystem, choose the content for distribution, or serve as a basis for content creation.

Apart from ambassadors’ grants, a non-profit organisation is planning to launch programs for validators, testers, and developers. As Alexander Mamasidikov, Founder of Cross Finance, puts it the community remains “the main value of any decentralized ecosystem”:

“The CrossFi Foundation grant program targets all users of the Cross Finance ecosystem. It’s not limited to developers or technical experts; it is inclusive for everyone, including common users…The program emphasizes that users are not just consumers but also contributors to the ecosystem’s evolution. Grants have proven their effectiveness in fostering blockchain community engagement.”

Stay tuned to find the program that suits you most. Details of the grant programs is published on the CrossFi Foundation webpage:

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