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Nine Chronicles M Shows Planetarium Labs’ Understanding of Customer Expectations in Blockchain Gaming

Nine Chronicles M Shows Planetarium Labs’ Understanding of Customer Expectations in Blockchain Gaming

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Planetarium Labs is a widely popular Web3 gaming company that builds exceptional gaming experiences for a global audience. The company was founded in 2018 and successfully raised over $32 million in Series A funding led by Animoca Brands in 2022. Planetarium Labs has a rapidly expanding community fanbase and the leadership team has decades of collective experience in the gaming and blockchain spaces. With its deeply immersive, highly entertaining, and extensively configurable gaming experiences, Planetarium Labs is taking decentralized Web3 gaming to the next level.

Nine Chronicles – From PC to Mobile

Nine Chronicles is Planetarium Labs’ most successful title. Played by hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world, the game regularly frequents the top 10 list of blockchain games in terms of unique active users. As part of Planetarium Labs’ mission of bringing high-performance gaming titles, earning opportunities, and the benefits of decentralization and Web3 to a global audience, the company is launching Nine Chronicles M (9CM) in November.

While discussing the upcoming release of the mobile version of its most popular title, JC Kim, the Co-Founder and CEO of Planetarium Labs, said: “Our mission has always been to deliver the best experiences to the widest possible user base. Nine Chronicles is already one of our most successful titles with over 200,000 players. Now, with Nine Chronicles M, players can enjoy the game anywhere, anytime, using just their mobile phones. It will also be available on Google Play and Apple Store with support for in-app purchases, aligning with our strategy of introducing users – even those unfamiliar with crypto, to Web3 games in a user-friendly manner.”

Alan Lau, Chief Business Officer of Animoca Brands, echoed these sentiments and said: “The development and design teams of Planetarium Labs have decades’ worth of collective experience in gaming and blockchain technologies, and we’re thrilled to be part of this upcoming launch. Idle RPGs represent a popular and growing gaming genre, and Nine Chronicles M could become even more successful than the PC version, playing a crucial role in driving Web3 adoption.”

Planetarium Labs’ Multi-Tiered Development Strategy

Planetarium Labs has painstakingly developed a multi-tiered system that delivers robust and reliable benefits to users around the world while ensuring security, digital asset ownership, and performant gameplay for its users.

First, Planetarium Labs’ tokenomics system ensures adequate liquidity, sound governance, and transaction and wallet management for users. Next, by supporting community-centric activities, Planetarium Labs ensures cohesive messaging and communications to users wherever they may be. By connecting with various Web3 gaming funds and providing startup funds for autonomous game development, Planetarium Labs has also built an avid following of world-class developers and studios that collectively comprise hundreds of thousands of users. Finally, with its player portal, Planetarium Labs provides support to others for incorporation into different blockchain ecosystems, including technological collaboration.

This multi-tiered system of support and collaboration has helped Planetarium Labs not only develop a rich ecosystem of partners, gamers, and indie developers but it perfectly positions 9CM for worldwide adoption and massive user traction once it is released in November.

Also, thanks to user-friendly protocols that provide quick and efficient digital asset trade, investment, and security, and with unlimited customizability and modification options, 9CM is a textbook use case for how decentralized applications and Web3-based blockchain gaming should be developed, deployed, and managed.

Preparing for the Launch

Planetarium Labs is celebrating the upcoming release of 9CM via games and giveaways to early registrants and referrers. A convenient pre-registration portal has been created for users, as well as a comprehensive pre-registration tutorial from the 9CM development and communications teams.

Daily gacha games, check-in bonuses, in-game resources, and other rewards will all go online and will be up for grabs during the pre-registration events. These events are being launched hardly a few weeks after Planetarium Labs announced that Nine Chronicles was going multichain by integrating the Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) standard for the seamless transfer of wrapped NCG – the native token of the Nine Chronicles gaming ecosystem – across different blockchain networks. Furthermore, with the release of BNB Chronicles – a tie-in game for Nine Chronicles that was built exclusively for the BNB Smart Chain ecosystem – Planetarium Labs is very quickly hitting all of the right pockets and helping Web3 reach critical mass in terms of adoption and user activity.

These developments emphasize Planetarium Labs’ commitment to delivering the best possible experiences to the widest possible user base. As the company prepares for the launch of 9CM, players around the world are rightfully excited for what the game will have in store.


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