JP Morgan Coin Gets Programmable Payments, BlackRock Files XRP ETF, Massive Partnership for Cardano and Everlodge Teased

JP Morgan Coin Gets Programmable Payments, BlackRock Files XRP ETF, Massive Partnership for Cardano and Everlodge Teased

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JP Morgan, one of the biggest banks to adopt crypto has added programmable payments to its JPM coin. In other news, a false BlackRock ETF for XRP has caused huge price swings. Meanwhile, massive partnerships have been proposed for Cardano and Everlodge.

JP Morgan Has Added Programmable Payments for Its JPM Coin

American multinational investment JP Morgan has integrated programmable payments for its blockchain-based settlement token, JPM Coin. Previously, clients needed to set standing orders for using the network payments to take place at a particular time.

The latest integration means clients can now program their accounts to make JPM Coin payments automatically. The JPM Coin was introduced in 2019 and now records over $1 billion in daily transactions as it enables institutional clients to use blockchains for wholesale payments.

Fake Report Says BlackRock Has Filed XRP ETF, Causing Huge Price Swing

The price of XRP coin saw a huge price swing, jumping by more than 15% in the daily timeframe. The price jump happened after there was a report that BlackRock had filed an ETF for XRP. However, the ETF filing turned out to be false.

According to a report, an individual reportedly an elaborate form using the alias of a BlackRock executive. The form was then effectively replicated as an actual online filing.

However, the XRP price quickly tumbled back to the previous after it was revealed that the filing was false. The ruling in the Ripple lawsuit has remained a bone of contention over XRP's classification as a commodity.

Charles Hoskinson Hints At a Massive Partnership

The Cardano network has experienced remarkable growth over the last few years. Cardano'sTVL recently surged above $250 million, marking growth in the network. The CEO of the project, Charles Hoskinson has teased a potential partnership to further the growth of the network. Hoskinson said he's ready to help Kraken in its efforts to introduce a layer-2 blockchain network.

This would be a massive partnership for Cardano if it pulls through. It could also provide a boost for the Cardano coin. The ADA price has hit a roadblock reclaiming the $0.400 resistance. A partnership of this magnitude could provide the momentum needed for the Cardano price to rally.

Everlodge Hints At Major Partnerships With Top Real Estate Developers

Everlodge is a promising project that wants to use the power of blockchain to ensure the safety and security of investments in the real estate marketplace. Everlodge has created a property marketplace where investors can easily buy and sell real estate properties like luxury villas, hotels, and vacation homes.

By employing blockchain technology, Everlodge aims to create a decentralized property platform where anyone can easily access these properties. The Everlodge team will partner with top real estate developers to pick properties that will be listed on the marketplace.

By eliminating intermediaries, Everlodge will reduce the cost of these properties. Transactions will be fast and efficient as they will performed using the ELDG token. The Everlodge token has already recorded success, increasing by 150% to reach $0.025 per token. Analysts have predicted a rally to $0.50 for the ELDG token in the crypto market.

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