Crypto Influencer Paints Bullish Picture for Ethereum As Meme Moguls, and Celestia Gains Momentum

Crypto Influencer Paints Bullish Picture for Ethereum As Meme Moguls, and Celestia Gains Momentum

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A crypto influencer and the founder of Wealth Master, Lark Davis, has given reasons why he is bullish on Ethereum. Meanwhile, other altcoins –Meme Moguls and Celestia have seen renewed interest from investors.

Ethereum (ETH) To Soar After New Proposal, Says Lark Davis

In a recent tweet, the well-known crypto influencer and founder of Wealth Master, Lark Davis, shared a bullish Ethereum price prediction. He discussed key factors that, in his view, would have boosted the Ethereum value to an impressive $3,582.

According to Davis, Ethereum Improvement Proposal 4844 played a crucial role in this expected growth. This proposal aimed to transform layer 2 scalability and reduce Ethereum transaction fees. This would create a more user-friendly and cost-efficient Ethereum ecosystem.

Additionally, Davis made a notable prediction about the scarcity of Ethereum tokens. He mentioned operations as burning, staking, and reducing holdings on exchanges to increase the scarcity. The price of Ethereum has held its ground above the $2,000 mark as it fluctuated between $1,944.21 and $2,119.94.

Celestia (TIA) Shows Mixed Sentiment

Celestia (TIA) experienced a slowdown in network activity following the launch of its main network on October 31st. Celestia had introduced a network designed to simplify the development and deployment of modular blockchains.

Following the mainnet launch, the price of Celestia surged to new heights. As of October 31st, the Celestia crypto was traded at $2.31 before rising close to $7 at the beginning of November.

According to CoinMarketCap, Celestia's value has been moving between the $5.22 to $6.66 range in the past week. While the token showed losses of 15.9% on the seven-day chart, it had gains of 10.2% on the 14-day chart.

Meme Moguls (MGLS); The Next Big Coin in the Crypto Space

According to data from, over 478 people became millionaires thanks to Dogecoin. The surprising part is that Dogecoin achieved this milestone with little to no utility. As a result, Meme Moguls has launched a meme coin with more utility than Dogecoin.

Analysts believe this would allow Meme Moguls to mirror and surpass Dogecoin's price trajectory. Besides, Meme Moguls aims to create 100 millionaires within three months of its launch. Some of Meme Moguls' utility includes access to staking rewards and unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Besides these features, Meme Moguls has created a fun and community-focused environment. A key part of the Meme Moguls setup is the "wealth leaderboard," designed to encourage friendly competition among users. Those who join Meme Moguls can connect with other meme enthusiasts.

They also receive NFTs and extra $MGLS tokens for active participation. Meme Moguls has introduced a $10,000 giveaway during the presale for the most active user. Currently, you can get MGLS tokens for just $0.0021 each. Analysts have predicted that the token's value will increase by 1,000% in the next few weeks.

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