Polkadot & Composable announced as Diamond Sponsor at the Cosmoverse’23 conference in Istanbul

Polkadot & Composable announced as Diamond Sponsor at the Cosmoverse’23 conference in Istanbul

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Istanbul, Turkey, October 3rd, 2023, Chainwire


Composable is presenting at Cosmoverse’23 as a Keynote Speaker and Diamond Sponsor, in collaboration with Polkadot and the Web3 Foundation. The Composable team is building the infrastructure and necessary primitives to abstract away the cross-ecosystem user and developer experience. Their efforts align with their ethos of eliminating blockchain borders and siloes, as they are strong advocates of ecosystem convergence and are the leading force behind the successful extension of the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol beyond Cosmos. 

As a Keynote Speaker at Cosmoverse’23, Composable is looking to further invest in the growth of the Cosmos ecosystem, and will present their Keynote on their efforts to make their vision a reality. Additionally, the team will discuss several proposals and reveal some significant progress in their efforts to achieve ecosystem convergence via the expansion of IBC to Ethereum.

Composable is spearheading the collaborative effort and growing ecosystem to bring IBC everywhere

Composable was the first team to deploy IBC outside of Cosmos and put it live in production between Polkadot and Kusama. Soon thereafter, they were able to connect the Polkadot and Cosmos ecosystems via IBC. Furthermore, Composable continues to extend IBC and will very soon be connecting to the dynamic Ethereum ecosystem. 

Interested can view Composable's announcements here: Polkadot <> Cosmos |Polkadot <> Kusama 

As pioneers of IBC's expansion, Composable's focus is set on their next big milestone, their Ethereum IBC connection. Ultimately, this will drive Composable even closer to achieving their goal of providing a superior user experience through secure, efficient, and private execution of the user intentions, on chain, for the benefit of users and developers alike. 

Through these efforts of connecting ecosystems, the Composable team has been able to build valuable and meaningful relationships to foster the first instances of cross-ecosystem collaborations via IBC. Thus, Composable’s ecosystem has grown to become abundantly diverse and encompasses collaborators, communities, and supporters from around the world, leading many ecosystems including Polkadot, Kusama, and Cosmos chains, among others. 

Composable is already collaborating on cross-domain use cases with more than 10 Cosmos chains including OsmosisNeutronStrideCosmos Hub, and Secret Network, and more than 7 Parachain teams, including BifrostPhalaMoonbeamInvarch, and Astar, to name a few. 

Furthermore, Composable has aligned its mission with that of the Cosmos Hub, by pioneering cross-ecosystem adoption of IBC, Composable is now looking to enter the Atom Economic Zone (AEZ) to become a Consumer Chain and adopt interchain security (ICS) for its Composable Cosmos Chain (formerly Centauri). This allows Composable to adopt the highest level of security in the Cosmos ecosystem, and further expand the vision of IBC more securely to all ecosystems. Those who are interested can check the full proposal for discussion here

Composable's Vision: Bridging Ecosystems and Innovating with Polkadot Support

Composable is building the future of private, secure, and free execution of user intentions, directly on-chain. Composable innovates at various layers of the interoperability tech stack, from infrastructure to application, to deliver a seamless and liquid cross-ecosystem experience. Composable seeks to enable users to easily access multiple ecosystems with security and without friction. Thus, opening up new opportunities for collaboration, and efficient distribution of resources, assets, and services.

The Diamond Sponsorship for Cosmoverse'23 is in partnership with Polkadot & the Web3 Foundation. This represents strong support from the Polkadot ecosystem and their intention to further collaborate with Cosmos to showcase Polkadot ecosystem's latest progress in ecosystem development and new innovative applications built on Polkadot.

“We are grateful for Parity’s (Polkadot) support in our efforts to communicate and spread the value proposition of ecosystem convergence. We are not just connecting dots; we are connecting universes. It’s phenomenal to see so many people rallying behind the vision of a more secure, private, and connected DeFi future.” - stated Omar Zaki, Founder and Core Contributor, Composable.

What to Expect from Composable at Cosmoverse’23

The Composable team will provide exciting glimpses into the future of Composable and its various products and efforts.

Exclusive Insights:  Attendees will get a first look at Composable’s rebrand, the evolution of their long-term vision, updates on the Composable VM (CVM), and the introduction of MANTIS.

Ethereum IBC Progress: Attendees will discover how Composable is pioneering the connection between Polkadot, Cosmos, and Ethereum ecosystems through IBC. The team plans to unveil the significant progress they have achieved in their Ethereum IBC efforts. 

Networking Opportunities: Attendees will engage with Composable’s core team members as they continue to build the infrastructure to drive value to developers, stakeholders, users, and other protocols seeking to expand into the cross-domain world.

Those who are interested in learning more about Composable and their efforts to connect blockchain ecosystems for a future of private, secure, and free execution of user intentions, directly on-chain can visit Composable's booth at Cosmoverse’23 and join their community via X (Twitter)Discord, or Telegram.

About Composable

Composable is the base layer connecting L1s and L2s. We are scaling IBC to other ecosystems, pushing the boundaries of trust-minimized interoperability. We abstract the cross-chain experience for users, delivering seamless chain-agnostic execution of user intentions



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