Manta Pacific Shifts From Optimism to Polygon for ZK Apps

Manta Pacific Shifts From Optimism to Polygon for ZK Apps

Manta Pacific, a blockchain network with a focus on zero-knowledge (ZK) applications, recently made a pivotal decision to migrate its software infrastructure from OP Stack to Polygon CDK.

This move is significant because, instead of joining the upcoming Optimism Superchain, Manta has opted to become an integral part of the Polygon ecosystem. Manta Pacific's Manta Network (a layer 2 chain) was launched just roughly three months ago after a $25 million Series A, with its mainnet going live back in September 12. The L2 chain has since processed roughly half a million transactions.

Originally conceived as an optimistic rollup project built on the OP Stack software framework developed by Optimism Labs, Manta found itself in competition with the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK). The latter employs a distinct security model but serves the shared purpose of creating an intricate web of interconnected blockchain networks. CryptoDaily's recent coverage of ZK debit cards explains this tech at some length.

Manta's decision to embrace Polygon CDK was grounded in several compelling reasons. According to Manta, Polygon CDK offers a notable advantage in the swiftness of processing deposits and withdrawals. Unlike solutions dependent on fraud proofs, transactions on Polygon CDK can achieve finality within minutes or even seconds, instead of the (often) protracted timelines sometimes associated with traditional approaches. This speed is attributed to CDK's reliance on mathematical security measures rather than the social-economic incentives, which are inherent in fraud proofs.

According to Manta, it has also identified Polygon CDK as a more modular and sovereign choice compared to available alternatives. This quality confers greater flexibility for Manta's dev team as they continue to expand and enhance the platform's feature set.

"ZK knows ZK. Manta Pacific is a unique hub of ZK-centered dApps and well-positioned to join an expanding Polygon ZK-powered L2 ecosystem. The network effects are undeniable and growing stronger everyday, meaning expanded access to unified blockspace," shares Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal.

Meanwhile, the Manta Network's adoption of Polygon CDK paves the way for the creation of a trustless ZK bridge to Ethereum, the first of its kind and its order. On the long term, this bridge is set to enable users of different Polygon CDK networks to access one another's liquidity pools, fostering a broader and more interconnected ecosystem.

Initially centered on the Polygon Proof of Stake network, Polygon has steadily been evolving its prospects in the blockchain space. The Polygon ecosystem saw the introduction of Polygon zkEVM on March 27, Subsequently, the team unveiled plans for integrating these networks into a new ecosystem, Polygon 2.0, which signals a commitment to further innovation and interoperability.

Meanwhile, within the Optimism ecosystem, which Manta initially considered joining, the landscape has also been steadily growing. Coinbase launched the Base network earlier in August, adding another dimension to Optimism's offerings and extending interoperability between these blockchain ecosystems.

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