Hottest DeFi Coins To Buy For Massive Gains in 2024 – Tron, Tradecurve Markets, VeChain

Hottest DeFi Coins To Buy For Massive Gains in 2024 – Tron, Tradecurve Markets, VeChain

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The DeFi sector has seen intense growth and innovation over the past months. Three coins have caught the attention of investors and experts among the plethora of coins. The tokens are Tron, VeChain, and Tradecurve Markets. According to experts, these tokens will show bullish movements in Q1 2024.


Tron trades above the 50, 100, and 200-day EMAs.
VeChain to launch VeHealth.
Tradecurve Markets to rise by 5,000% in Q1 2024.

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Tron (TRX) Bulls Aiming for Rally To $0.10

Tron (TRX) is a decentralized blockchain that hosts peer-to-peer networks and entertainment applications.  Meanwhile, the Tron network has seen high adoption lately. On October 7th, a crypto expert named Jamie Coutts revealed shocking news.

He said Ethereum and Tron made up 88% of fees on the Proof-of-Stake blockchain in the past year. Currently, the general crypto market is getting better and TRX coin could soar to $0.10. But, traders should be careful about the resistance at the $0.097 level.

The Tron coin price is $0.087 in October, 16% away from its 2023 high of $0.0959. Luckily, TRX bulls have managed to keep the price of Trom above the 50, 100 and 200-day EMA. Analysts have predicted a price range of $0.095 to $0.11 for Tron in Q1 2024.

VeChain (VET) Completes 60daysofvechain Event

VeChain (VET) has been moving slowly on the charts in recent months despite sealing many partnerships. This has tested the patience of investors, throwing them into panic. Earlier this year, between January and March, the token doubled in price.

During this time, the VeChain coin reached a high of $0.32 from a low of $0.015. However, VeChain is one of the worst-performing coins in 2023 because it lost more in price than it gained. As of October 15th, Vechain coin is trading at $0.016, a 2.11% price decline in the past 7 days.

Meanwhile, VeChain just finished a #60daysofvechain hackathon in partnership with Havard and Boston Consulting Group. Also, VeChain will soon launch a health project called VeHealth. The tool will use smart contracts to lower health insurance premiums. Therefore, analysts see the price of VeChain to reach a maximum of $0.05 in  Q1 2024.

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Can Tradecurve Markets (TCRV) Surpass Tron and VeChain

Despite Tron and VeChain's bullish potential, analysts are counting on Tradecurve Markets to rule the DeFi space. Tradecurve Markets is getting ready to release a hybrid trading platformto enhance the experience of crypto traders.

Centralized exchanges often have strict verification processes and tough registration steps. This makes it difficult for users to create an account. Luckily, Tradecurve Markets platform will have a fast and easy registration process. All you need to trade on Tradecurve Markets is a crypto wallet and an email.

Tradecurve Markets also offers features like protection against negative balances, AI trading, copy trading, and high leverage. This makes Tradecurve Markets a great platform for newand professional traders.

Notably, Tradecurve Markets has a native token called the TCRV token. Those who purchased the token will receive trading discounts and rewards. Tradecurve Markets is in its sixth presale phase, with the TCRV token available at just $0.03. Analysts forecast a 5,000% price increasefor TCRV in the first quarter of 2024.

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