Everlodge Presale Gains Momentum Amidst Surging Chainlink Wallet Activity, Litecoin Recovery Stalls

Everlodge Presale Gains Momentum Amidst Surging Chainlink Wallet Activity, Litecoin Recovery Stalls

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Recently, Chainlink was the subject of controversy in the crypto space after unannounced changes were made to its multi-sig wallet. Despite this, there has been a surge of activity on the network. Meanwhile, Litecoin has hit a roadblock in its recovery while the Everlodge presale continues to gather momentum.


Chainlink wallet activity surges amidst new multi-signature wallet policy.
Litecoin failed to recover due to its recent bearish trend in the market.
Everlodge gains more attention in its presale due to its tokenization of real estate.

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Chainlink Wallet Activity Surges Despite Multisig Concerns

In an unannounced event, Chainlink made changes to its multi-signature wallet policy. These new security measures see Chainlink Multi-sig wallets reduced from a 4-0f-9 to a 4-of-8. This new policy grants four out of eight signatures to authorize a transaction.

Although the Chainlink network initially faced backlash, there has been a significant surge in on-chain activity. These new wallets are housing huge sums of cryptocurrency. Which is significant with whale activities. This surge in whale activity could impact the price of Chainlink.

The Chainlink coin has been on a strong upward throughout September. As a result, LINK has increased above the $7.5 resistance. If this momentum is maintained, the Chainlink price could surpass the $8 mark soon.

Litecoin Recovery Halts, Where Will LTC Go?

Litecoin had attempted to make a recovery but its buyers failed to sustain its higher levels. The LTC coin failed to convert the $65 support to resistance. As a result, the price of Litecoin has declined to the $63 level.

What is more concerning is the decline in network activity. Since the halving in August, there has been a gradual decline in the on-chain activity on the Litecoin network. Looking at the Litecoin price from a much larger frame, LTC still remains bearish.

Trading below 23% from last month’s high, LTC would need a significant bump in on-chain activity or a major event to swing its price upwards. With the current trend of Litecoin in the crypto market, any hope of its recovery now becomes elusive.

Everlodge Presale Gains Momentum Over Real-World Application

The global real estate market is valued at over $280 trillion, making real estate investment promising for high returns. Everlodge is launching in this mammoth industry, and looking to change how we invest in real estate. The project is building a property marketplace for fractional investments in hotels, vacation homes, and luxury villas.

The uniqueness of Everlodge lies in the merging of fractional NFT ownership with the timeshare market. The Everlodge ecosystem consists of a marketplace where users can buy and trade fractional NFTs backed by real estate properties.

This model allows investors with as little as $100 to co-own luxury villas, vacation homes, and hotels. In addition, the ecosystem also has a Launchpad where property developers can raise capital early, maximizing ROI.

Everlodge, with the grand idea of tokenization of timeshares properties, could revolutionize how we invest in the timeshares market. Currently, Everlodge is selling at a presale price of $0.019, 90% from its initial price of $0.010. Everlodge has been projected to become a $10 billion unicorn in the coming months.

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