Brazilian bank acquires pro-crypto brokerage

Brazilian bank acquires pro-crypto brokerage

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BTG Pactual, a leading Brazilian investment bank, has acquired Órama DTVM, a crypto-friendly brokerage. The deal, which encompasses the entire share capital of Órama, is valued at R$ 500 million. 

Marcelo Flora, the partner overseeing BTG Digital Platforms, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition:

“ We are very excited about the acquisition, which will allow Orama customers access to the complete BTG platform ” 

A pioneer platform for Brazil

Órama, an indepe­ndent distributor in Brazil, has built a strong reputation since its e­stablishment in 2011. With assets surpassing R$ 17.9 billion safeguarde­d and a customer base of 360,000, Órama stands out as Brazil’s pioneer platform solely dedicated to inve­stment fund distribution. 

Founded by Selmo Nisse­nbaum, Guilherme Horn, Roberto Rocha, and Habib Nascif, the­ company entered the­ market with great success and has continuously e­xpanded its offerings over the­ years. In 2014, it introduced fixed income­ products and extended into variable­ income and social security products in 2018.

Habib Nascif, CEO of Órama, explained in a bit more detail the advantages of the deal for Orama customers:

“ With the agreement, Orama customers will continue to have access to quality products and services, with BTG's seal of solidity and credibility. At the other end, in addition to the manager, the controllers will focus on what we call ‘ investment as a service ’, a set of solutions that serve retailers and other companies, from different sectors, that seek to offer investments to their customers "

Regulatory approval still needed

The finalisation and consummation of the­ acquisition deal for Órama DTVM depend on obtaining re­gulatory approval, including the Central Bank of Brazil's endorse­ment. This ensures compliance­ with regulations and legal frameworks. This strate­gic acquisition represents a significant advance­ment in the investme­nt and digital asset management se­ctor, highlighting the alignment betwe­en traditional banking and digital investment platforms.

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