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Anoma Foundation Contributes 10 M NAM Towards Namada Community Builders Program

Anoma Foundation Contributes 10 M NAM Towards Namada Community Builders Program

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Swiss-based non-profit firm supporting blockchain technology development, Anoma Foundation in conjunction with Namada, a layer 1 blockchain offering asset-agnostic interchain privacy, announced the launch of a Community Builders Program to help advance the building, development, and adoption of privacy solutions on public blockchains. 

The program will allocate rewards to select participants and contributors to the program as an incentive to build new privacy solutions on public and private blockchains. The Anoma Foundation will contribute 10 million $NAM tokens – the native token of Namada – towards the Community Builders Program. This contribution will be allocated exclusively to select participants in the program. 

The layer 1 proof of stake platform aims at providing impeccable privacy to its DApps via its shielded transfers and the unified shielded set to offer the best privacy guarantees for every individual user. Namada connects to IBC-enabled chains and to Ethereum through a custom two-way trustless bridge, ensuring the user experiences faster transactions while enjoying the security offered by Ethereum. 

The Namada Community Builders Program will bring together developers, users and communities to build a portal that bridges public and private digital realms. Additionally, participants in the program will be able to network, collaborate, exchange knowledge and partner to “create an impactful contribution to digital privacy”, the statement reads. 

Namada community awaits the mainnet launch

With the mainnet launch coming up, the Namada team will mark the contribution by the Anoma Foundation in its foundational block. To mark the importance of the contribution, the allocated $NAM tokens will be encoded into the genesis block of the Namada blockchain following the completion of the Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RPGF) Round.

Additionally, following the mainnet launch, the community will vote on the “Community Builder RPGF Round”, which aims to reward early community members who had a significant contribution to developing the Namada blockchain. The rewards aim to recognize and incentivize developers who made impactful contributions prior to the mainnet launch.

Over its developmental phase, Namada has made a significant contribution towards promoting building solutions on blockchain privacy. Some of the initiatives launched towards promoting privacy include launching the shielded set rewards, a form of Continuous Public Goods Funding (CPGF), and a Public Goods Funding (PGF) feature that allows governance-elected stewards to fund public goods across different domains.

Participants can join the program by filling out a Community Builders Program form and can also follow highlights from the program via Namada’s Twitter and Discord social media pages. More information on the Community Builder Program is available in its exclusive handbook


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