Wall Street Memes (WSM) Presale Will End on Monday – Exponential Gains Anticipated on Tier-1 Exchange Listings

Wall Street Memes (WSM) Presale Will End on Monday – Exponential Gains Anticipated on Tier-1 Exchange Listings

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The presale of the hot new meme coin Wall Street Memes will end on Monday. It will be listed on multiple tier-1 exchanges, beginning on 27 Sep 2023, Wednesday. 

The final stage of the presale is witnessing a massive influx of investors as WSM is predicted to enter the Top-3 meme coin list within the first two weeks of its debut launch. The bullish price predictions are derived from the presale reception of WSM. 

$25M+ Raised in the Presale

Wall Street Memes raised $25M within a few days of going live, hinting at a bigger phenomenon to follow on the token’s exchange listings. Soon after, the team decided to extend the presale to allow more investors to join and take advantage of the low entry point. 

The presale has been running for a fixed price of $0.0337/token for some time now. After it ends on Monday, it will be available for purchase on top crypto exchanges. But the price will be determined by the market movements. 

Factoring in the massive hype around the project, the token will come with a hefty price tag soon after the presale. 

It is rare to see a crypto public presale perform as well as Wall Street Memes is doing. The fact that it attempted a $25M milestone in itself shows the project’s hold in the market. But it completed its target ahead of schedule, after receiving unprecedented attention from the meme coin community. 

Backed by a 1-Million+ Community  

WSM token is a product of the Wall Street Memes community, which boasts more than one million followers.  The community, known for its hilarious memes that often go viral, is mostly made up of business leaders, traders, and investors. So the presale success of WSM was expected. 

Tech magnates like Elon Musk have also engaged with the community multiple times in the past. It stands as a testimony to the community’s popularity and partly explains the meme coin’s massive reception. Elon Musk is known for his influence in the meme coin market. 

Although he has no direct involvement with the project, his engagements have been instrumental in kindling FOMO around WSM. 

Community Rewards – $50,000 Up for Grabs Now!

Community rewards are often used as tools to pump a token from time to time. Although most meme coins fade into obscurity soon after the initial momentum has subsided, WSM doesn’t plan on becoming another statistic. 

It is aiming for the top-3 spot on the meme coin chart this year and the top-2, overtaking Shiba Inu, by 2025. 

To bring this to fruition, the token has set aside a substantial 30% of its total supply toward its community reward programs. The first of these is now live with more than 112,386 entries already. 

$10,000 will be distributed to five lucky winners. 

Although Wall Street Memes, similar to most meme coins, doesn’t serve any ecosystem utility, the community reward program ensures that there is consistent demand for the token. 

Binance Listing on the Cards?

If the presale reception of Wall Street Memes is any sign, the meme coin will make its way to the world’s largest crypto exchange in less than a month of its launch. 

For instance, Pepe was the most phenomenal meme coin of the first half of 2023. It went on a 5000%+ surge within days of going live. But there hasn’t been as much community euphoria around PEPE as WSM enjoys this month. It hints that WSM will outperform Pepe with an exponential surge ranging from 7000% to 10,000%.

The Binance listing is likely to happen prior to that, paving the way for a strong price action in the meme coin market. 

Investors interested in Wall Street Memes should join the presale early. After the exchange listings, the entry to the investment will become expensive. The presale supports purchases in ETH, USDT, and cards. 

Another Hot Presale Opportunity to Seize Now

Bitcoin BSC is the hottest crypto of the week. Selling for just $0.99 now, the token is taking back the market to the Bitcoin FOMO that kicked off in 2011. BTC was priced at just $1 back then. Within two years, it went on a 1000X climb and became a hot sensation. 

While most of us missed out on the Bitcoin FOMO of that era, Bitcoin BSC gives us another opportunity. Earlier, BTC2.0 had attempted the same and climbed close to 80X in less than a week. 

BTCBSC comes with an attractive stake-to-earn utility that is set into motion during the presale stage. 

What’s the Deal?

BTC’s price predictions for 2024 look strong with bitcoin-halving on the horizon. Yet, the most optimistic projections are confined to a 100%-250% range. 

Bitcoin BSC, on the other hand, is a new project and has larger room for growth. Promising new cryptocurrencies often go 100%-250% up the charts minutes after their token launch. 

Being one of the most sensational cryptocurrencies to enter the market in recent times, the rapid progress of the Bitcoin BSC presale is not shocking. While investors have to buy BTC at an inflated price of around $27,000 now, Bitcoin BSC is selling for just $0.99 in the presale stage. 

Bitcoin BSC needs a small price action over a week to jump from $0.99 to $10 (1000%). But expecting Bitcoin to make a similar jump is delusional at this point. 

$4M Raised and Counting

The Bitcoin BSC presale is also expected to end early, having emerged past its soft cap before schedule. The token has raised $4,233,630.06 out of a targeted hard cap of $6,063,750 at the time of writing. 

Telegram groups like Crypto Whale Pumps with 25K subscribers, popular crypto websites like CoinSniper and ICO Bench, etc. are bullish on BTCBSC. They rate it as one of the top-rated ongoing presales in the market. 

At the current pace, the presale will sell out over the weekend. 

Wrapping Up

Investors interested in riding a meme coin mania over the next few days will find Wall Street Memes ($WSM) an attractive choice. With one of the biggest public presales to its credit, the meme coin is expected to kindle a strong price action on its launch. 

Bitcoin BSC is a good option for investors who are keen on generating passive income. The platform has set aside 69% of the token supply or 14,455,000 tokens as staking rewards. They will be paid out to participants as rewards every 10 minutes. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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