Crypto Launches Its First-ever Game on the Cronos Network Launches Its First-ever Game on the Cronos Network

Cronos Play’s SDK team and introduces “Loaded Lions: Mane City” with blockchain gaming and NFT utility.

Continuing the ongoing partnership of blockchain technology and gaming, has launched its premier game, “Loaded Lions: Mane City,” based on the Cronos chain.

This launch stems from’s effort to diversify its blockchain assets, continuing with the gaming niche. The game, co-developed with the Cronos Play SDK team, offers players a simulation environment where they can build expansive cities and lavish mansions. 

Features such as mansion personalization, a real-time prize pool and an in-game marketplace further streamlines business and blueprint transactions. Then, gold and diamonds, acquired from in-game land and “businesses such as gyms, banks and music stores,” serve as primary in-game resources:

“Players only need to own a Land NFT from’s ‘Land - The First Frontier’ NFT collection [...] Players can still join the game now by purchasing it in the secondary marketplace on NFT or Minted.”

Each Land NFT translates to a piece of the virtual terrain, setting the stage for players' architectural aspirations within Mane City. 

Though currently in its beta phase, Mane City will be going through for ongoing updates, promising competitive gaming modes, more NFT integrations and features to expand community engagement.

Serving as an homage to’s NFT collection, the The Loaded Lions series matches the beginning of’s journey into blockchain. The platform’s pioneering NFT collection broke ground with 10,000 distinct profile pictures, each showcasing the designs of’s creative team.


Henrik Johansson, global head of Growth at, commented on the development, stating, “This is the first-ever game for Loaded Lions, our flagship NFT collection, and we hope our community finds the experience exciting and engaging as we pioneer and evolve the technology.”

“Blockchain gaming is an important and growing feature of the Web3 ecosystem, and we will continue to build and support innovations in our effort to expand our reach and improve our offerings.”

Players have the option to strategize, customize and expand their in-game assets. An impending competitive mode will introduce leaderboard challenges, with standings influenced by accumulated gold.

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