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Bitrock Blockchain – A Cut Above the Rest

Bitrock Blockchain – A Cut Above the Rest

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Bitrock is an L2 Ethereum Proof-of-Authority side chain boasting near-zero native gas fees and lightning-fast block times. In addition to having a cost-effective, scalable, and high-speed infrastructure, Bitrock will soon have a unique multichain DEX swap where users can trade cryptocurrencies without unnecessary hassles.

The Bitrock blockchain is an Ethereum IBT 2.0 Proof of Authority (PoA) side chain with almost zero native gas feed and boasts lightning-speed block times. In addition to having a cost-effective, scalable, and high-speed infrastructure, Bitrock will soon boast a unique multichain (DEX) swap where users can trade crypto directly on their native chains without using DEX’s native to those chains. Users would also not need to hold native chain tokens or pay gas fees in those native tokens. Bitrock’s native multichain DEX will facilitate all these impressive features, and all gas fees are equalized from other chains and paid in BITROCK-20.

What Sets Bitrock Apart from Other L2 Blockchains

Bitrock has proven to be a worthy investment with the potential of high returns on investments (ROIs) given its lack of venture-capitalist backing and having held no private sales or presales. Bitrock is not a fork of any other blockchain, and its development was funded out of its team’s pockets, taking two months to complete before officially launching. 

Attractive Features Awaiting the Investor

After conducting comprehensive Testnet testing, Bitrock launched with a live Testnet and released its impressive Mainnet just three days later.

Bitrock promotes impressive features, including a lightning-fast blockchain with a 2-second block time and 12K TPS (transactions per second). To put this into perspective, MATIC has a TPS of 7,000, and the Arbitrum block times can take up to 14 seconds. Operating on a PoA consensus mechanism instead of a proof-of-work (PoW) or proof-of-stake (PoS) like its competitors, Bitrock offers users a faster, cheaper, more scalable, and more secure option.

With its noticeably low gas fees of ~$0.00001 per txn (transaction), this EVM-compatible blockchain is a desirable choice for developers wanting a user-friendly space to build decentralized applications (dApps).

The blockchain made its in-house token builder utility live as of last week. This functionality uses a standard preloaded contract that no one can access or change the code of and allows anyone to launch a token using this tool by entering a few simple parameters and deploying the contract with zero coding or technical know-how.

Bitrock’s Impressive Tokenomics, Staking Opportunities and Commitment to Compliance

Bitrock has a total supply of 100,000,000, which is also its circulating supply. This means that no part of its supply is vested or locked, meaning there is no further dilution of its token value.

Bitrock offers its token holders desirable staking opportunities, providing substantial annual percentage yields (APY) with a relatively short lock-up time. On its Ethereum side, it offers 30% APY with a 7-day lock-up time, while its mainnet side staking offers token holders 60% APY with a 14-day lock-up time. Currently, over 40% of total supply is staked.

Bitrock is committed to regulatory compliance and adhering to KYC guidelines with Assure DeFi. Assure DeFi is the “verification gold standard” and has worked with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) the US Attorney’s Office, as well as in other legal jurisdictions with various government entities.

Bitrock’s entire blockchain and contract audit was recently completed with the blockchain security accounting firm CTDSEC, which has worked with Ripple, Ethereum, and Dextools, to name but a few. After weeks of analysis, testing, and multiple security updates and improvements on the Bitrock chain, the team is happy to report its chain passed all tests with a perfect score.

Bitrock’s Rockswap (official chain DEX) audit will be finalized after multichain integration.

Currently, Bitrock has several completed integrations, including with:

Dextools – the fastest-ever integration into Dextools - Dexview, Bitmart, Pinksale, Geckoterminal, Avedex, and Trustwallet swapping. Bitrock is also fully integrated with Sphynx Labs with its dApp and utilities, including its bridge, swap, launchpad, charting, LP locker, and airdrop tool. Bitrock is also finalizing integration with Dexscreener, and multiple wallet integrations are also coming. As it stands, the chain can be set up on any wallet that supports a custom network.

Bitrock’s Approach To Launching Official Partner Projects

The team has opened the door for project teams to partner with them through a strict vetting process to ensure project security and that value is added to the chain. In return, the Bitrock team supports partner marketing on its channels by offering support for pre-and-post launch activities. Bitrock further incentivizes its partners in return for undergoing the vetting process.

Bitrock has had 3 official and partner projects and several non-official projects already launched on the blockchain.

The blockchain’s first official project was the Rockswap token (official chain DEX token), stealth launched by the Bitrock team. This project resulted in Rockswap going from a $5,000 to a $1.6 million market capitalization in just three minutes. The project saw a $1.8 million volume in the first 24 hours, and its current token holding stands at a $1.4 million market cap.

Bitrock’s second official project saw another team partner with the Bitrock team to launch a utility project – an NFT cross-chain integrated platform- which just launched and currently sits higher than its presale price.

The chain’s third official project came a few days later, seeing another partnership with the Bitrock team to stealth launch a memetility project, aimed at developing a suite of software and dApp utilities, as well as tokenizing the real estate market. Post-launch, the project is currently sitting at a $140,000 market cap from its launching market cap of $,8000.

All official partner projects vetted by the Bitrock team must undergo a strict KYC process with Assure DeFi.

Bitrock made its audit report available and may be accessed by the following links:

Shared by CTDsec:

Shared by Bitrock:

 Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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