An Inside Look into Luxury Web3 Phone Maker VERTU

An Inside Look into Luxury Web3 Phone Maker VERTU

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Leading luxury mobile phone brand VERTU has taken the Web3 space by storm with the introduction of the world's Web3 mobile phone, METAVERTU. 

British luxury mobile phone brand VERTU is making waves in the web3 space after it introduced METAVERTU, the world's first web3 mobile phone. METAVERTU's success prompted the company to introduce a second iteration, METAVERTU 2, with enhanced features and capabilities. 

Crypto Daily is lucky enough to have had the chance to interview with VERTU's CEO.  

Why did VERTU enter the crypto field? How does the company combine the essence of luxury goods with web3 technology? 

"VERTU's foray into the crypto field stems from our pioneering spirit of innovation and commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technology. We believe in the power of decentralization and consider blockchain a significant step forward for digital sovereignty.

VERTU smartphones serve as fundamental blockchain infrastructure, open to all public chains and offering roles as oracles, lightweight nodes, and validation nodes. Our Metavertu division introduces a dual-system metaspace, seamlessly bridging web2 and web3 with various native web3 apps. Leveraging our encrypted SE chip, applications on both the blockchain's base and application layers gain enhanced efficiency and security through zero-knowledge proofs (ZK).

We've introduced the Trusted Oracle Protocol (TOP), powered by the hardware-encrypted SE chip, for DApps to use via smart contracts. KEYBOX, a key management vault in our phones, enhances usability and security for users' digital assets. An integrated MPC wallet eliminates the need to memorize private keys or mnemonic phrases, reducing barriers for Web3 newcomers. We've also developed an IDID identity system based on our phones' unique IMEI code, forming our DOS smartphone distributed operating system.

Ultimately, we enable users to create their decentralized language models (DLMs) for personalized, secure cognitive assistance—a "second brain." These offerings are unique to Metavertu, setting us apart from other smartphone manufacturers."

Among the excellent mobile phone brands in the industry, such as Apple and Huawei, why is it that only VERTU has made a web3 mobile phone?

"Apple and Huawei, as giants in the Web2 era of centralization, are products of the old era of the World Wide Web world. The genes of centralization and closed ecosystems determine that they must be advocates of data monopoly. They are the "organic faction" who create rules themselves of the data age, which naturally conflicts with the paradigm of advocating data privacy, data belonging to users themselves, and users having control over data in the Web3 era.

From a value perspective, Vertu is a supporter of native Web3 ism alongside internet innovators and numerous Web3 innovators. Apple's IOS is a non-open source system. As an American manufacturer, Apple will also be restricted by the policies of the U.S. government. Similarly, Huawei, as a local brand in the Chinese Mainland, is well known that under China's strict restrictions on the encryption industry, Huawei is also difficult to break through in a decentralized world. However, VERTU does not have the various limitations faced by the above two and can freely gallop in the world of web3."

What can users and developers expect from the METAVERTU 2? Both in terms of capabilities and safety. What features does METAVERTU 2 offer?

"METAVERTU 2 is the first mobile product that integrates blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and smartphones. Blockchain revolutionizes production relationships, AI enhances productivity, and smartphones provide production tools, creating a comprehensive software and hardware ecosystem platform for users and developers.

To ensure user safety and usability, METAVERTU offers several tailored features. Leveraging its hardware advantage, METAVERTU utilizes the SE encryption chip to enhance efficiency and security. It provides bank-level security and hardware-level ZK algorithms, ensuring a secure and user-friendly software foundation.

Additionally, METAVERTU offers a wealth of software features on its hardware foundation. Firstly, it features a dual system, allowing users to easily switch between Web2 and Web3. In the Web3 system, MetaSpace integrates numerous Web3 applications, including an MPC wallet, which simplifies wallet address creation for Web3 newcomers, eliminating the need to remember private keys or mnemonic phrases. It also includes IDID, an identity system based on the unique IMEI code of the phone, Trusted Oracle Protocol (TOP), a hardware-based SE encryption chip Oracle protocol allowing DApps to implement their use cases via smart contracts; and KEYBOX, a key management vault with isolated private key and password storage, secured by the SE encryption chip.

Building on this foundation, we've implemented user-owned Distributed Language Machine (DLMs) to help users create their secure and user-friendly "second brains." This personalized local AI model differs from large models like ChatGPT, as users can train it to suit their unique style and preferences through interaction, Q&A, training, and memory uploads. This AI not only provides personalized interaction and companionship but also becomes a user's virtual assistant and "second brain" to handle tasks from the user's perspective. All of these systems are exclusive to METAVERTU, with no other smartphone brand offering similar functionalities.

Lastly, METAVERTU 2 boasts top-tier hardware specifications, including competitive SoC, memory, and camera specs. It continues VERTU's tradition of luxurious design language and unique materials, providing users with a one-of-a-kind visual and user experience."

VERTU's first attempt at a web3 phone, the METAVERTU, has been a roaring success. Please explain what the company has improved in METAVERTU 2 to stand out from its competitors.

"METAVERTU 2 builds upon the success of our pioneering move in October when we introduced the world's first Web3 phone. We are the first one to create a new category of Web3 phones. We seamlessly combined luxury craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, gaining significant market success and selling out the first-generation product in November.

Our commitment to improvement continues with METAVERTU 2, providing high-net-worth users and tech enthusiasts with a more secure and seamless Web3 phone experience. It stands out thanks to enhanced security, and Web3 features like the MPC wallet, DLM, IDID, and advanced AI. Hardware upgrades, including SoC and CMOS, will be detailed upon launch. As a luxury brand, METAVERTU 2 is meticulously handcrafted with top-tier design, craftsmanship, and materials, setting it apart from competitors."

We've heard many explain the need for mobile accessibility in order to further the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Many have spoken about the "mobile moment" in crypto. Please explain what the "mobile moment" is.

"Last year, a16z predicted the "Blockchain Mobile Moment" as the most significant trend in the 2023 blockchain industry. We firmly believe smartphones will become the primary platform for blockchain apps, akin to mobile internet replacing the traditional internet. Embracing this trend is crucial for blockchain relevance.

Web3's user base is growing rapidly, creating a demand for mobile devices as they are the most used terminal devices. We aim to attract Web2 users, considering it essential for core scenarios and applications.

In line with this, we empower users to develop their distributed language models, creating a secure and user-friendly "second brain." METAVERTU's innovation distinguishes us in the blockchain smartphone market. VERTU is taking tangible steps to adapt to cryptocurrency's globalization and truly realize the "Mobile Moment."

Do you think that achieving success in the "mobile moment" will be a catalyst for attaining global crypto adoption? How is VERTU, with the launch of its latest web3 mobile phone, METAVERTU 2, helping users get to this "mobile moment"? 

"Absolutely, we firmly believe that the "Mobile Moment" is a future trend. Smartphones are crucial gateways to crypto assets and decentralized apps, serving as the optimal "data sensing and collection devices" bridging the real world with the virtual digital realm. worlds. VERTU's latest Web3 phone, METAVERTU 2, contributes to this "Mobile Moment" by:

Seamless Access: METAVERTU 2 integrates seamlessly with web3 ecosystems, enabling users to engage with decentralized applications and manage crypto assets effortlessly.

Security and Control: Prioritizing user security, METAVERTU 2 utilizes advanced security features, ensuring users have full control over their private keys for asset protection.

User-Friendly: Simplifying the onboarding process, METAVERTU 2 removes complexities in wallet setup, making crypto accessible to newcomers.

Performance: METAVERTU 2 boasts high-end hardware, guaranteeing efficient interactions with blockchain networks and DApps.

VERTU recognizes the vital role of mobile phones in crypto adoption and, through METAVERTU 2, empowers users to embrace this transformative moment, contributing to global crypto adoption in a secure and user-friendly manner."

The company has opened pre-orders for the METAVERTU 2. Has it met with great demand, and specifically, in which regions of the world has the need been greatest? Adding to this, can the company determine if global crypto regulation has affected sales figures differently across the globe?

"METAVERTU 2 pre-orders have sparked significant interest worldwide, notably in the Asia-Pacific region, including China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, where robust crypto communities prioritize digital sovereignty. North America and Europe also display strong demand for secure access to crypto and the Web3 ecosystem. At the recent Singapore Token2049 crypto summit, VERTU's Web3 Phone garnered substantial attention, evident from the continuous flow of visitors to VERTU's impressive booth.

While global crypto regulations differ by region, VERTU complies with local laws. Importantly, METAVERTU 2, as a hardware product and ecosystem platform, remains minimally impacted by these policies as it does not involve digital currency issuance."

Does VERTU expect competition from other companies, such as Solana, anytime soon?

"VERTU acknowledges competition in the evolving tech industry, including companies like Solana. 

However, we focus on luxury and high-end markets, differentiating from Solana Saga's mainstream approach in pricing and positioning. A diverse consumer market benefits from choices for various spending capacities. We respect Solana and others' contributions to tech.

VERTU's scope extends beyond blockchain and Web3. We focus on creating luxury smartphones that combine cutting-edge technology with excellent design, craftsmanship, and materials. Finally, we are a hardware company that has accumulated years of research and development and manufacturing advantages in hardware products. Compared to a pure software team like Solana, we excel in hardware product development and manufacturing, exemplified by METAVERTU 2. Although Solana and VERTU may overlap in certain areas, we believe that the technology sector can accommodate a variety of products to meet the preferences and needs of different consumers. VERTU is dedicated to a unique, secure, user-friendly Web3 mobile experience, setting us apart. Competition drives industry improvement, benefiting consumers. We're confident in METAVERTU 2's value and look forward to tech's evolution."

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