Airdrop Claims For $ARB Missed, $59m Recouped to Arbitrum Treasury

Airdrop Claims For $ARB Missed, $59m Recouped to Arbitrum Treasury

The Arbitrum Foundation today announced in a tweet that it had transferred 69 million worth of its ARB native token to its own treasury. These tokens were part of an airdrop last March which, in turn, was part of the ARB token's official launch into the crypto space.

The recent token airdrop under the Arbitrum protocol, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, has ended leaving some participants bereft of their bounty. This event was marked by the unfortunate coincidence of the platform grappling with operational glitches that potentially contributed to a number of users failing to claim their airdrop tokens before the deadline.

Arbitrum, as an advanced blockchain optimization solution, is designed to enhance the performance of Ethereum and its compartible chains by addressing its current scalability shortcomings. However, it seemed to have fallen prey to its initial launch malaise. Several users encountered roadblocks while trying to access the platform's official website, with frequent crashes raising obstacles to their entry.

In spite of the problems encountered during the launch, including frequent website crashes and complaints from some users who didn't receive their tokens, it remains uncertain whether these issues directly influenced users' inability to meet the airdrop claim deadline.

An official report from Arbitrum is required to substantiate this contention. In compliance with established regulations, unclaimed tokens were returned to the treasury, prompting disappointment among some users. This incident points to the importance of diligence in adhering to claim deadlinres to safeguard potential benefits from token airdrops and underlines the platform's commitment to preserving its ecosystem's integrity. The possibility also exists that unclaimed tokens resulted from difficulties experienced with Arbitrum's platform itself.

At the time of writing, $ARB is trading at the $0.80 level, according to public data from CoinMarketCap.

The unclaimed tokens then became the subject of a governance vote in August 22 where the token holders then unanimously voted in favor of transferring the tokens to the Arbitrum treasury instead of locking them forever. These unclaimed tokens represent 0.69% of ARB's total supply of 10 billion. More of the token is also being gradually released to the public bedcause of the staggered unfreezing initiated by Arbitrum immediately after ARB's launch.

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