Open Campus, TinyTap, and Code Green Tackle Climate Change

Open Campus, TinyTap, and Code Green Tackle Climate Change

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The latest partnership is an extension of Open Campus’ mission to educate and raise awareness on issues of climate change and environmental conservation. 

This July, Open Campus, a community-led Web 3 educational content platform, announced the launch of their #ClimateChange4Kids campaign on X (formerly Twitter) to educate the upcoming generations on the importance of protecting our planet. To extend its efforts, Open Campus is now in partnership with its affiliate, TinyTap and Code Green, a Web 3 organization leveraging blockchain and art to help conserve the environment, to create educational content on climate change. 

The strategic partnership aims to extend knowledge and awareness of climate change via the Open Campus platform, providing creators, educators and teachers with a decentralized platform to create interactive educational games and earn from their content. 

While several parts of the world face extreme temperatures and wildfires, such an initiative could be a crucial step in imparting knowledge on how to stop it.  Code Green, TinyTap and Open Campus come together in a mission to educate younger generations – in an engaging and interactive way – on climate change. Furthermore, the initiative extends the belief in “the power of education to shape a more sustainable future”, a mission also shared by the  United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). 

"By combining education, technology, and gaming, we're creating a unique platform to engage children and empower them with the knowledge and awareness to tackle this urgent crisis for our planet,” Inna Modja, CEO of Code Green and Goodwill Ambassador for the UNCCD, said.

Open Campus, TinyTap and Code Green launch NFT Giveaway 

In light of the new collaboration, TinyTap will create a new climate change-centred course and integrate some elements of Code Green’s game HEALV3RSE, available on The Sandbox. Featured on the UNCCD website, HEALV3RSE is a metaverse game that allows users to play, learn about the planet, and have a real-world impact. The game’s avatars and NFT will feature in the lessons to incentivize learners and enhance the overall quality of the course, the press statement reads. 

Through various levels of the game, players discover facts about the environment, make eco-friendly choices to help their virtual planet and perform healing actions. The ‘Play To Heal’ model enhances the game and gives players a novel experience as they participate in healing actions for our planet, such as planting trees, cleaning oceans, and installing solar panels. 

In addition, Open Campus and Code Green are launching a giveaway to promote the new course. Players who participate in the giveaway campaign have a chance to win up to 100 HEALV3RSE avatars and equipment NFTs. Follow-up details on the giveaway will be posted on Open Campus X (fmr. Twitter) page.

The latest strategic partnership follows the successful launch of ‘Climate Change for Kids’ in July, aiming to enhance awareness of climate change, especially in younger generations. The #ClimateChange4Kids initiative has seen tremendous support worldwide, with over 200,000 impressions on X. Lastly, Open Campus’ recent partnership with Cloud Co Entertainment saw the company get a license to use the image of Care Bears, one of the most popular children's products line. 

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