Libertify Brings AI Portfolio Risk Management To Crypto Investors

Libertify Brings AI Portfolio Risk Management To Crypto Investors

Crypto investing app Libertify is calling on retail investors to up their game with the launch of a new offering that provides free, AI-powered risk assessments and instant optimization proposals for their portfolios. 

Libertify is the creator of an AI-powered app that uses intelligent algorithms powered by neural networks to recommend portfolio adjustments, with the goal being to optimize user’s portfolios and hedge against any risk they might be exposed to. The startup believes it can provide a valuable service to investors, given the notorious volatility of the crypto market and the instability of digital assets. 

With its new offering, Libertify says it will provide a free audit of the user’s crypto portfolio, followed by an instant optimization proposal, with recommendations on the adjustments investors should make to hedge against risk. 

The offering works with just about any kind of digital wallet, including software wallets such as Binance, Coinbase and MetaMask, as well as hardware wallets like Ledger, Libertify said. 

Libertify CEO Steve Rosenblum said last year’s crypto winter shows that it’s time for investors to learn from the past. The company’s portfolio audits provide investors with a unique way to scan risk exposure, he explained. The launch of its offering is well-timed too, as the market for crypto retail investors is growing rapidly. Whereas there were around 200 million crypto investors globally in 2017, that number is expected to rise to more than 1.6 billion by 2025.

It’s an intriguing offering that will enable retail investors to benefit from the same kind of risk management solutions that were previously only available to the biggest banks and financial institutions, Libertify said. Until now, retail investors have always had to rely on their own insights and abilities to analyze the crypto market, but this approach is fraught with danger. As Rosenblum explains, by following their instincts, investors often make irrational choices, increasing the chance of them suffering considerable losses. 

Libertify’s AI-powered recommendations and proposals enable crypto investors to better protect themselves against market volatility, while still holding onto the assets they believe in. 

“Crypto users buy tokens based on their beliefs and hopes, often forgetting that the crypto market is a turbo of volatility,” Rosenblum said. “Simple and efficient, our industry-first AI risk management solution brings new hope for all self-directed investors still shocked by the last crypto crisis.” 

The capabilities of Libertify’s app were validated earlier this year when it was announced as the winner of the Paris leg of the Fast Track Hong-Kong FinTech, a prestigious annual contest for fintech and wealthtech startups that provides opportunities to secure funding and mentorships from some of Hong Kong’s biggest financial firms. Having won that leg, Libertify will face off against 11 other startups in November’s grand finale. 

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