Ledger Launches Institutional Crypto Trading Platform

Ledger Launches Institutional Crypto Trading Platform

Prominent crypto wallet service provider, Ledger, has announced its latest venture into the world of institutional trading technology.

Dubbed "Tradelink," this new trading and settlement network technology is set to revolutionize the landscape for asset managers, custodians, and exchanges/OTC. Aiming to streamline operations and boost efficiency, Tradelink will allow trading on multiple exchanges without the need for on-chain liquidity re-balancing.

This will ensure that users maintain custodial ownership of assets while engaging in off-exchange trading. Additionally, Tradelink seeks to mitigate trading collateral risks across various third-party platforms, offer easy integration with preferred counter-parties, and significantly reduce transaction fees.

The company’s official announcement stated:

"Today, we are proud to announce that Ledger is entering the institutional trading technology market with the first open network to enable custodial trading via exchange and custodial partners. This solution will provide unparalleled control, security, flexibility, and transparent governance over an enterprise’s digital asset trading."

Ledger's VP of Enterprise Revenue, Sebastien Badault, emphasizes how Tradelink will empower users, asserting:

“By unlocking better trading options for enterprises, we are empowering asset managers, custodians, and exchanges to navigate the changing landscape with confidence while making the whole ecosystem a safer and more transparent place.”

At launch, Tradelink will be accessible to all Ledger Enterprise clients at no additional cost. Initial partners will include well-known asset managers such as Laser Digital and Hodl Group, digital asset trading and orchestration platforms like Wyden, and platform partners including, Bitstamp, Huobi, and more.

The launch of Tradelink comes after Ledger's recent controversial update, which raised security concerns among its users. However, the company remains undeterred and has just closed a $109 Million Series C extension fundraising round, pushing its valuation to $1.4 billion.

Badault further elaborates on the company's vision for Tradelink:

“We are creating a future-proof solution that will give Ledger Enterprise customers flexibility and security allowing institutions to de-risk their businesses. For almost a decade, Ledger has been building security and governance solutions for the crypto ecosystem. It is this core security foundation that can now be used to reduce counterparty risk and enable custodial trading for institutional investors.”

Ledger’s innovative Trading Operation technology, coupled with its commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance, positions the company at the forefront of an increasingly evolving market, navigating the ever-changing regulatory and overall market landscape with confidence.

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