Digital Art and NFT Platform o-mee Public Sale is live on GemPad

Digital Art and NFT Platform o-mee Public Sale is live on GemPad

The public sale of o-mee is live exclusively on GemPad since 21st August 2023 at 10:00 UTC, and will end on 25th August 2023, 23:59 UTC.

The Polygon based cutting edge creator friendly NFT marketplace is dedicated to creating real life initiatives for artists. The goal of the platform is to provide a marketplace that drives sociability and creativity for artists, designers, influencers and content providers who can upload, create, share and sell their artwork, all in one place.

The following details can guide community members and cryptocurrency investors to participate in the initial dex offering for o-mee. 

Launch Price: $0.05c 

Initial Market Cap: $800,000

*calculated excluding liquidity pool 

Click here to participate in GemPad’s special sale for o-mee 

o-mee co-founder Jared Walker said o-mee’s public sale on GemPad was “yet another successful milestone” for the company, and another step towards “mass adoption and seamless integration of blockchain technology in real life”

The o-mee token fuels the entire platform and its ecosystem, with utilities ranging from buying and selling, advertising, staking, gifting, lottery tickets, NFT booster packs, and future developments such as direct staking to creators’ profiles. o-mee empowers users and enhances their experiences within the platform. 

After a successful private sale, the announcement on GemPad seemed to excite a lot of investors as it being one of the premier launchpads and incubators within the Web3 and blockchain ecosystem. Web3 launchpads and incubators are focused on empowering innovators and developers through funding, partnerships and ecosystem growth to help bring companies to its community and to the mass market. 


“We firmly believe in giving creators the control over their own creations. This is an exciting step in our journey, the token launch. It will open a network of possibilities for our community, ones that we have been working so much for,” said Jared Walker, CEO and Co-founder of o-eee in a statement. “We’re thrilled to continue offering artists and communities with opportunities that bridge the gaps between Web2 and Web3 ecosystems” continued Jared.


The company aims to establish a space that not only democratises access to the Web3 landscape but also enhances the intrinsic social and economic value that creators bring to the table. In the spirit of innovation and exclusivity, o-mee is challenging conventional norms in the secondary market by redefining the archaic percentage-based commission structure. Jared and the o-mee team commented on the company’s future launch with progressive development such as the o-mee blockchain network, NFT trading views, gamifications and more!

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