Bitcoin and Ethereum Slump to Multi-Month Lows, but Everlodge rises ahead

Bitcoin and Ethereum Slump to Multi-Month Lows, but Everlodge rises ahead

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Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) recently fell to their lowest prices in months. It caused concerns among investors. But, Everlodge, a new cryptocurrency, is gaining ground amidst this slump. Investors are running to buy this new token. So let's learn more about it, and other tokens.

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Bitcoin (BTC) improves its mining system while the token trades at $26,052.17

Bitcoin (BTC) mining has faced criticism since its origin. But, currently, developers are on a mission to remove all the Bitcoin (BTC) mining issues. They are taking help from Tether's protocol, Moria.

It will improve all weak spots of Bitcoin (BTC) mining software. These will include poor output optimization, and data processing. Furthermore, it will also make Bitcoin (BTC) mining software more customizable.

Thus, Bitcoin (BTC) software can process high data amounts with seamless scalability. This change excites the users, but the Bitcoin (BTC) token price isn't raised as expected. Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $26,052.17, a 0.21% drop in a day.

Ethereum (ETH) brings the Shapella upgrade while the token trades at $1,681.37

Ethereum (ETH) users are seeking constant upgrades to the network. They believe that the platform must adopt new technologies to stay relevant. Thus, users are excited about the addition of the Shapella upgrade on Ethereum (ETH).

Furthermore, investors seek price rises for Ethereum (ETH) tokens via this upgrade. But, some experts suggest that Ethereum (ETH) may face selling pressure, which will drop its price.

But, the platform's co-founder said investors may lock in more ETH with the price drop. As a result, the Ethereum (ETH) token may suffer a low supply. It is yet to see how the upgrade impacts Ethereum (ETH) in the coming weeks.

Currently, Ethereum (ETH) token is trading at $1,681.37, a 1.07% rise in a day. Additionally, experts predict Ethereum (ETH) to reach $2,139.42 in the next few months.

Everlodge (ELDG) captivates crypto experts with its real estate powers

Everlodge is getting recognition for its innovative approach. It sparks investors' interest by blending vacation property ownership with fractional NFTs. Moreover, users can enjoy the benefits of its timeshare business model. The project aims to democratize real estate investment for everyone. It’s good news that organized retail real estate stock may rise by 28% by the end of 2023.

Users can start by connecting their DeFi wallet to the Everlodge account. The process completes within a few minutes.

Furthermore, users can buy luxury villas/hotels/homes in a $100 investment. Additionally, the project implements measures for rug-pull situations. Thus, it ensures a safer ecosystem in the market.

Moreover, many crypto experts already own ELDG coins as tokens may surge by 2,500% during the presale. Currently, investors can buy the token at $0.01 each.

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