ATPBot Creates a Solution for Crypto Trading Success

ATPBot Creates a Solution for Crypto Trading Success

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Singapore, Singapore, August 10th, 2023, Chainwire

ATPBot has launched its automated crypto trading solution that’s been described as a cheat code for mastering the markets. The platform combines the expertise of its strategy modelling team with the power of artificial intelligence to craft professional-level strategy templates. Through extensive calculations of various parameters, the platform selects optimal strategies. Each strategy undergoes 1-3 years of rigorous backtesting verification to minimize risks while maximizing profits for traders, according to the team.

ATPBot is a leading platform specializing in quantitative trading strategy development and services. It takes advantage of artificial intelligence technology to develop and implement quantitative trading strategies for users. Committed to providing professional, risk-controlled, and profitable asset management solutions, ATPBot empowers clients to navigate and thrive in the dynamic financial markets.

ATPBot provides diversified investment portfolio options developed using the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics. This supports a unique investment strategy tailored to the user's specific needs, based on their financial goals, risk tolerance, and market preferences. This customization enables investors to make informed decisions to efficiently assist in achieving their financial goals. ATPBot does this while attempting to avoid being targeted by market depth and market makers.

With ATPBot, users are free from the burden and associated risks of setting parameters for strategy generation. All strategies are ready-made and accompanied by comprehensive data descriptions including backtesting results and potential profitability. Users simply need to turn on with a single click the strategy and embark on a trading journey, without any additional configuration steps.


ATPBot makes use of Wiskeep's fund strategy modelling support and draws upon its team's extensive trading experience to establish automatic trading logic. It leverages the advanced Sunspear 2.0 algorithm suite to calculate super high-level parameters essential for optimal strategy performance.

To ensure only the most promising strategies make the cut, ATPBot conducts large-scale historical data backtests. From tens of millions of parameter groups, strategies with minimal drawdowns and impressive returns are meticulously selected. Over time, the platform employs AI capabilities to continuously monitor market data and issue adjustment instructions. This adaptive approach ensures strategies remain aligned with ever-changing market conditions.

Emotionless and objective, ATPBot strictly adheres to trading rules, consistently generating profits by avoiding incorrect decisions. The platform employs multi-layered risk management measures, minimizing the impact of uncontrollable risks. ATPBot swiftly captures real-time market data and responds within milliseconds, allowing for quick operations to capitalize on market opportunities.

Customer funds cannot be accessed by ATPBot, while all trading operations are transparent and visible. The platform supports simultaneous trading of multiple pairs and offers diverse trading strategies to maximize market opportunities. Meanwhile, ATPBot's customer service team provides personalized and prompt resolution to any issues, ensuring high-quality service.

Users interested in ATPBot's AI trading strategy who wish to obtain a robot that automatically trades 24 hours a day can open an account with ATPBot. Furthermore, those seeking more AI trading strategies and live results can join the ATPBot Discord community.

ATPBot is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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