Uwerx Eclipses PEPE As It Reaches Hard Cap Presale

Uwerx Eclipses PEPE As It Reaches Hard Cap Presale

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Uwerx, the new rising star in the freelancing space, has surpassed Pepe (PEPE), as it progresses successfully to reach its hard cap presale. The project is making waves in an industry set to be worth $455 billion by the end of the year.

This milestone shows the growing hype and potential of Uwerx, placing it as a formidable player in the crypto market. This article will explore Uwerx's impressive achievements and the factors that have led to its progress.


Pepe (PEPE) Falls Behind

Pepe (PEPE), adapted from the iconic movie character Pepe The Frog, stands as one of the leading memecoin in the crypto space. The coin became popular by giving extraordinary 5000%+ returns since inception.

A significant purchase has sparked interest in the crypto space. A tech entrepreneur and controversial musician, Jeffrey Huang, popularly known as Machi Big Brother, made the front page by buying a staggering 6 billion PEPE tokens for just $12,000. Industry observers are watching closely with many questions trying to figure out the moves of this prominent musician in the crypto ecosystem.

How Does This Affect PEPE?

Pepe (PEPE) has had a very optimistic look, trading at $0.000001369, with a significant daily increase of over 45%. However, it is paramount to note that Pepe (PEPE) still lags behind Uwerx's WERX token, which is priced at $0.041 in the final/fifth funding presale round. The comparison shows the different market positions and valuations of these two coins.

Despite having a bullish trend, experts still predict a potential fall of more than 5% for Pepe (PEPE). While making investment decisions, it is important to be very cautious and consider market facts to avoid huge losses.


Uwerx (WERX) Is Secure, And Has Long-Term Prospects

The crypto market has seen many crypto projects that have risen and fallen rapidly, creating a significant hole in the pockets of investors. As a result, investors have become more strict and scrutinize tokens more thoroughly before investing.

Uwerx stands out because it has undergone thorough vetting and auditing by SolidProof and InterFi Network. These reputable entities have ensured transparency and security within the project and have given investors confidence and peace of mind.

The project’s team has taken proactive measures to protect investors from potential losses and ensure the project's integrity. They have locked the team's tokens for nine months, eliminating the possibility of rug pulls and demonstrating the team's commitment to long-term success.

In addition, when the project lists on centralized exchanges, the development team will renounce smart contract ownership, further safeguarding investors' interests. The team's tokens were locked on Wednesday, 7 June, and their token allocation was cut to 7% before getting locked, making room for more investors and distributing the project's benefits widely.

Moreover, adding to its security measures, the platform provides the Uwerx Vault as a security and staking option for users. By using the Vault can earn rewards, creating an incentive for long-term holding.

The Uwerx Vault is not the only offer that the project is giving. An amazing 15% purchase bonus is up for the take. This offer further incentivizes investors to maximize their returns and become a part of the thriving Uwerx community.

Uwerx Sets Pace For Community Governance

To ensure accuracy and user wallet verification, 98.2% of the community voted for a Test Airdrop initiative. The Test Airdrop proposal serves as a means to minimize the risk of mistakes. This proactive move emphasizes Uwerx's dedication to maintaining a secure and reliable platform for its users.

With the project in its fifth funding presale round, enthusiasts have shown significant support leading to remarkable growth and increased popularity. The Uwerx community has about 8,500 sign-ups, 2,200 Telegram members, and 1,800 Twitter followers and continues to grow rapidly.

For the fifth funding stage, the project has a substantial token allocation of seventy-two million and five hundred thousand tokens out of a total supply of seven hundred and fifty million tokens. The WERX token is priced at $0.0564. The rise of WERX has propelled it to eclipse popular coins like PEPE and SHIB, and it is anticipated to soon surpass DOGE. The hard cap presale is on 31 July, so investing early will be very beneficial.

By focusing on the freelancing ecosystem, Uwerx is well-suited to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities in the sector. Velocity Global reported that by the end of 2023, the freelancing economy is projected to be worth $455 billion. Utilizing an attractive position, Uwerx charges a low transaction fee of 1%, while other platforms charge high fees ranging from 10% to 20%.

The Alpha Version of the platform features essential pages such as Sign-Up, Login, and Forgot Password, as well as Freelancer or Client Initiation, My Activity, and Initial Steps of Finding Talent and Job Creation. Additionally, new pages like Freelancer Profile Creation, Settings, Application Boosting, and Milestones were added based on valuable user feedback.

Uwerx welcomes further input from users through [email protected]. The developers utilize an agile methodology that ensures rapid deployment and accelerated development through user feedback.

Excitingly, the development of the Beta version of the platform has started. As Uwerx increases its features and refines its offering, it is poised to become a leading player in the freelancing ecosystem.

The project will soon eclipse Pepe (PEPE), solidifying itself as a promising contender in the freelancing and crypto space. From its innovative Alpha platform to a thriving and growing community, Uwerx is poised for great success.

Join the community today and enjoy a 15% purchase bonus now!





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