USDT Stablecoin Is Flowing To Exchanges, Experts Say It Is More Profitable To Hold Tradecurve

USDT Stablecoin Is Flowing To Exchanges, Experts Say It Is More Profitable To Hold Tradecurve

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Over the past month, thousands of investors have moved their Tether (USDT) stablecoin to exchanges, in an effort to hedge against price fluctuations. At its peak in June, USDT was experiencing a daily trading volume of $33 billion, making USDT the number one most traded cryptocurrency in the world. 

However, with the U.S. economy struggling and several banks collapsing, some investors believe that stablecoins may not be as safe as first perceived. As a result, many investors are now choosing to diversify their portfolios with new altcoins like Tradecurve, which is on track to hit a 125% ROI in July. 

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USDT Experiences A Surge In Tokens On Exchanges

Throughout June, a total of 13.4 billion USDT was sent to cryptocurrency exchanges. This mass movement has been triggered by a recent SEC lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase, as well as 55 new cryptocurrencies being added to the SEC’s list of securities. 

An increase in USDT being sent to exchanges could suggest that many investors are looking to buy altcoins and other cryptocurrencies, which is good news for the market. This would imply that the market is turning bearish, which will likely drive up the value of projects.

However, an increase in USDT transactions could also suggest that investors want to minimize losses. This could explain the current increase in USDT transactions, as many projects have decreased in value by over 30% 


Tradecurve’s Stage 4 Presale Starts With A Big Win

Although USDT is pegged to the USD, which in theory makes it more stable, Tradecurve is providing investors with significantly higher returns. Tradecurve started its presale at $0.01 and has already increased to $0.018, an 80% ROI for bullish investors. 

Now the project is on track to increase to $0.0215, taking its token returns to 125%. While these returns sound high, experts predict that Tradecurve could surge by 50x during its presale, meaning there are still plenty of opportunities for investors to profit. 

Tradecurve has been able to thrive during the recent market conditions due to its unique new hybrid exchange. The Tradecurve exchange will combine the best of decentralized exchanges, including anonymous trading, with the best of centralized exchanges, such as the opportunity to trade traditional assets. 

This all-in-one exchange is the perfect solution to current market trends and will open up thousands of opportunities for investors. 


Another benefit of Tradecurve is its unique educational features. As part of Tradecurves ecosystem, investors will be able to profit from AI trading bots with a proven track record, as well as copy trading subscriptions. Copy trading will allow experienced investors to generate an income, while providing new investors with the opportunity to learn from the market's most experienced veterans. 

In addition, Tradecurve has also developed a lucrative metaverse trading academy designed for traders of all levels. Just four stages into its presale Tradecurve has raised $2.8 million and is being compared to the Binance ICO. 

Stage four tokens are currently selling out fast, with crypto whales buying at record rates to maximize their returns in one of the market's highest potential projects. 

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