Trader Joe Goes All-In On Auto-Pools: Can this Make Joe (JOE) Match Up to the Blazing Uwerx (WERX) Presale?

Trader Joe Goes All-In On Auto-Pools: Can this Make Joe (JOE) Match Up to the Blazing Uwerx (WERX) Presale?

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Joe (JOE) and Uwerx are two emerging crypto platforms fastly approaching their launch date.

As both roll out exciting features ahead of their launch, it is crucial to understand what exactly they are and how their innovative approaches may be the revolution their respective industry needs at this time.

In this article, we have carefully examined these two significant potential tokens, understanding their use cases, price predictions, and how beneficial they could be for investors.

Joe (JOE) Price Prediction

Trader Joe is an innovative DeFi platform looking to offer an automated yield farming strategy for Liquidity Providers, consequently eliminating the traditional strenuous position management system.

Joe (JOE), the native token of the Trader Joe platform, is currently preparing to launch an exciting feature to augment its current value proposition, the Auto Pool.

Auto Pool is set to provide the best user experience and capital efficiency for DeFi users, ultimately helping the protocol generate more liquidity. This is a largely untapped area in the DeFi market, and with Joe (JOE) pioneering this aspect, you can be sure its adoption would be massive.

Joe’s (JOE) first offering, The General, will be launched soon, making the token’s future growth worth keeping an eye on.

Uwerx (WERX): Championing a New Era for Freelancers

Like Joe (JOE) is doing in the world of DeFi, Uwerx is also set to revolutionize the freelancing industry, serving as a threat to the progression of existing freelancing platforms.

While “threat” may sound somewhat exaggerated, it is actually the reality, considering the multiple advantages Uwerx has over these existing platforms, especially the incredibly lower transaction commission.

Unlike Fiverr, which charges 20%, and Upwork, which charges 10% per transaction, Uwerx will only deduct a flat fee of 1% as commission, allowing freelancers to enjoy their money while fostering a healthy client-freelancer relationship.

Beyond their transaction fee, the Uwerx team has also unveiled the “Uwerx Vault,” a central hub where users can stake (store their token for as long as they want while getting rewarded for it).

SolidProof and InterFi Network have audited the platform to confirm its credibility and have also been listed by CoinSniper and awaiting Uniswap listing on Tuesday, August 1, 2023. The team has also promised to renounce all contracts and reduce taxes to zero before launching the project on centralized exchanges.

The Uwerx platform currently boasts 1,600+ subscribers on Telegram, 1,600+ Twitter followers, and 5,500 sign-ups on the platform.

Uwerx (WERX) is Enjoying an Incredible Presale Run

The WERX token is enjoying an unbelievable adoption rate, with the token’s stage 1 to stage 4 presales getting completed in record time. Although currently at stage 5 of the presale at $0.041 per token with a 15% bonus.

Thanks to this high demand, the Uwerx team has modified WERX token allocations and will lock liquidity before all presales end on Monday, July 31, 2023.

In a more recent update, the team has also disclosed their plans to send tokens to holders immediately after the end of the presale in a 6-week vesting period. This vesting period will follow a defined vesting schedule: 8% on week 1, 10% on week 2, 14% on week 3, 18% on week 4, 22% on week 5, and 28% on week 6. Similarly, after the presale ends, they also plan to host a Test Airdrop, as voted by the community.

Beyond the Uwerx platform enjoying a brilliant presale run, the Uwerx team has also released the first version of the Alpha platform as a PDF while waiting to transition from Alpha into Beta in the coming weeks. The published PDF features ten (10) pages, including but not limited to the Sign in Page, Log In Page, Forgot Password Page, Hiring Dashboard Page, My Activity Page, Client or Freelancer Initiation Page, etc.

In a bid to create an inclusive community, the team has also created a dedicated feedback email, [email protected], to receive comments and suggestions about the published PDF pages.

Tokens in the fifth stage of the presale are currently available at a favorable price of $0.05245, accompanied by an appealing 15% bonus. This creates a highly advantageous opportunity for potential participants. However, it is important to be aware that the price will rise to $0.06294 on Tuesday, February 25th, 2023, at 18:00 UTC.





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