Solana (SOL) Price Prediction - Tradecurve Outruns Polygon (MATIC) In User Base

Solana (SOL) Price Prediction - Tradecurve Outruns Polygon (MATIC) In User Base

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As uncertainties prevail in the market, crypto investors have altered their investment strategies. Thus, they are looking for real-world utility tokens that can offer a stable profit. Subsequently, the presale of Tradecurve (TCRV) is selling out quickly.Meanwhile, Solana (SOL) and Polygon (MATIC) seem to be losing their Midas touch.

Whales are accumulating TCRV tokens in large numbers, as their value can grow by 100x in the next six months.

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Solana (SOL) Joins Hands With Coca-Cola

Expanding its ecosystem, Solana (SOL) has partnered with Coca-Cola in Serbia. Under this partnership, Solana’s platform SolSea and Coca-Cola will jointly work on an NFT offering at a music event.

As per the official statement, Solana and the soda company will provide 100 limited-edition hoodies and NFTs to participants. Earlier, a report had suggested that Solana has witnessed a significant rise in the NFT space this year.

The price trajectory of Solana has also responded positively to the partnership. The exchange rate of Solana has increased by 21% in the past week. At the time of writing, Solana is trading at $22.29.

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Revolut Announces Delisting Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon has faced several challenges and weathering of its user base since the SEC labeled MATIC as a security. Many exchanges have announced delisting Polygon (MATIC), with the Revolut being the latest one.

While making the announcement, Revolut stated that it will delist Polygon by September 18. Earlier, two leading exchanges, Robinhood and Bakkt, had already announced the delisting of Polygon. According to analysts, this move can cause a severe fall in Polygon’s user base and price.

The market value of Polygon has seen a drop of 7% in the last 30 days. Consequently, Polygon is now trading at $6.34.

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Tradecurve Becomes The Face Of Next-gen Cryptos

After the collapse of the FTX exchange, which caused a loss of around $2 billion in the crypto market, investors have become apprehensive about centralized exchanges. The market trust in centralized exchanges has suffered a blow. Therefore, the demand for decentralized exchanges has increased, and Tradecurve (TCRV) is considered the best option by experts.

It is a unique blockchain platform, which enables users to trade a wide range of assets without relying on fiat payments. It keeps users’ identities anonymous, and allows them to trade privately.

On this platform, users are not required to undergo any KYC checks. This is contrary to existing trading platforms like ByBit and Robinhood, where users must share their personal details.

Its native crypto is TCRV, which will fuel the platform’s ecosystem. The token’s smart contract has been verified by Cyber Scope, and the team verification was performed by Assure DeFi. The token’s presale is live, and currently progressing through the fourth stage, where a token is available for purchase at $0.018.

So far, the price of a token has increased by 80%, and is likely to rise to $0.025 in stage 5. Moreover, the platform’s value may rise 50 times before the end of the presale round. Interestingly, only 40% of the total 1.8 billion tokens will be available during the presale.

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