Introducing ChainGPT Pad, an AI-focused Launchpad Released by ChainGPT

Introducing ChainGPT Pad, an AI-focused Launchpad Released by ChainGPT

ChainGPT Pad, the IDO platform that will be enabling the next generation of startups in the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry has just been released

ChainGPT, the provider of AI-powered Infrastructure for the digital economy has just launched the ChainGPT Pad; a platform that connects promising early-stage startups with the $CGPT community and enables a new era of initial DEX offerings.

Now projects of all calibers will have an environment to supercharge their social presence, bootstrap their communities, and bring their products to market with greater impact.

What is the ChainGPT Pad?

The ChainGPT Pad is an IDO platform and incubator for Web3 projects looking to bring their ideas to life and jumpstart their token ecosystems. As a means to uphold the standards of ChainGPT, the Pad conducts rigorous quality assurance tests and due diligence processes to vet incoming projects and is highly selective with who they allow to list.

The launchpad is coupled with the ChainGPT incubation program that provides a network of expert mentors (founders, venture capitalists, and CEOs of other successful projects) that provide support to all projects that meet a certain qualification criteria.

What are some of the Platform Features?

The ChainGPT Pad has been geared up with all of the leading innovations that contribute to successful, healthy, and effective IDO launches. Striking the perfect balance between opportunity and security the ChainGPT Pad has been carefully designed by a team of professionals with experience working on some of the industry's leading launchpads.

Two Round Structure 

Every IDO is given two rounds for the audience to participate; starting at the guaranteed allocations for round 1 (where the upper tiers of the $CGPT community members are given exclusive access). In order to participate in the guaranteed allocation, qualifying members must register their interests (info on registration here). Moving into round 2, the FCFC (first-come-first-serve) invites members of all tiers and partners. 

Staking & Point System

Tithed to the $CGPT token ecosystem, the Chain GPT Pad has a simple and effective structure for establishing tiers. One $CGPT token is equal to one Point, point multipliers are based on the staking pool durations. An in-depth guide to the Staking and Point logic systems can be found here.

Fair Tier System

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