World Mobile Plans Major African Expansion of Its DeWi Service

World Mobile Plans Major African Expansion of Its DeWi Service

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Decentralized wireless (DeWi) operator World Mobile has announced a major expansion to its African network coverage following successful field trials. The company, whose decentralized network forms part of the sharing economy, has been conducting tests in Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria ahead of a broader rollout across the African continent.


World Mobile Does DeWi

For the past few months, World Mobile has been on a mission to convince Africans to trial its cellular data service. Its message is simple: World Mobile can provide data significantly cheaper than incumbent carriers and provide better coverage, particularly in rural areas where residents can struggle to get a signal.

World Mobile’s ultimate goal is to create a community-owned wireless network that spans the globe, with users incentivized to provision spare bandwidth. To get its African service up and running, however, the company has utilized TV White Space equipment. This taps into unused spectrum in the TV broadcast band, harnessing it to deliver mobile network services. To further boost bandwidth, World Mobile also utilized Starlink, the satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX.

According to World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins, “The successful completion of field tests in Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria, mark a significant milestone in World Mobile's mission to connect the unconnected. These tests validate the feasibility and scalability of our DeWi technology, bringing us one step closer to providing affordable and reliable internet access to both rural and underserved areas worldwide.”


From Zanzibar to India and Beyond

World Mobile has been steadily rolling out its services to select territories with a view to gauging demand and ensuring its network can scale to match demand. Last month, the company launched its commercial service in Zanzibar, having completed successful trials in the East African island cluster that saw 16,000 users sign up.

Meanwhile, the company has announced its intention to perform periodic buybacks of its WMT token. The token is used to reward participants in World Mobile’s sharing economy and support adoption of its mobile solutions. Ultimately, World Mobile aims to forge an inclusive mobile ecosystem in which users can earn revenue while retaining a degree of ownership over network infrastructure and data.

Within the radical decentralized mobile economy World Mobile is building, individuals and businesses are encouraged to operate nodes on the network. This helps provide greater network coverage while rewarding operators for their efforts.

While Africa has formed the focus of World Mobile’s strategy for much of 2023, there are plans to gain a foothold in other key regions including India. Tellingly, the company recently announced the appointment of Manoj Kohli as an advisor. As the former country head of SoftBank India and CEO of Bharti Airtel, Kohli’s telecoms expertise will be pivotal in realizing this goal.


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