Uniswap (UNI) V4 Upgrade; Exciting Crypto News

Uniswap (UNI) V4 Upgrade; Exciting Crypto News

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Uniswap (UNI) announces the launch of its V4 upgrade, and it promises some great updates to the Ethereum-based protocol. However, the most notable feature for Uniswap (UNI) with the upgrade is increased decentralization. Uniswap pushes towards more decentralization, and it’s timed to the exact moment the SEC is probing centralized exchanges. Also, market trends have shown that the SEC can hardly build up any case against a truly decentralized network.

Uwerx is another decentralized platform for freelancers currently on its ICO, and the presale is a unique opportunity to be early. And as the saying goes, “Crypto rewards early adoption.”


Uniswap (UNI) V4 Upgrade

Uniswap (UNI) is the earliest decentralized protocol on Ethereum and the blockchain landscape at large, and it has been responsible for some great breakthroughs since its launch such as community governance. Uniswap launched as an innovative decentralized solution for swapping tokens. The protocol recently released its V4 draft, and invites community feedback before the launch goes public.

The upgrade will efficiently help to keep the costs connected with transactions as low as possible. The V4 version will include new features, including on-chain limit orders, automatic compounding of liquidity provider (LP) incentives, and dynamic fees.

Onchain data shows an address accumulating over 878,336 UNI tokens after the V4 announcement from Uniswap. The accumulated token on the address is worth almost $4 million and supposedly belongs to an algorithmic trading firm, Wintermute Trading. Onchain patterns like this consistently demonstrate privileged information from top whales, and small retailers often look to make some profit off this.

UNI tokens have some prospects toward launch, but we believe Uwerx could be a better opportunity for gains as the launch comes close.

Uwerx (WERX) With Great Prospects As Launch Approaches

Uwerx emerges as a top prospect despite a regulatory crackdown on the market. The new freelance platform is offering its native token on its ICO for cheap to raise funds for its initial roadmap. This allows early buyers to get in with a market advantage towards launch. Presale opportunities are pretty unique as they could return massive profits after launch when the token begins to trade towards its actual value.

Uwerx, as a new freelance platform, is proving to be quite valuable to the gig market with its unique features enabled by blockchain integration. Merging value across both industries allows Uwerx to look to massive growth when it launches, and early buyers could be the biggest winners of the exciting price trend ahead.

Uwerx recently announced the completion of its alpha test, while the project also locked team tokens to demonstrate the founding team’s commitment to growing the platform and building value for early adopters. Uwerx is building a decentralized freelance economy where WERX will be a huge currency and store of value.

The opportunity in this is to get in early on WERX as it trades at $0.041 on Phase 5 presale. Also, claim a 15% bonus on presale when you get in now.





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