PR Releases Follow the Whale, the First AI Pool in the Crypto Market Releases Follow the Whale, the First AI Pool in the Crypto Market

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Poliant, ai private club designed especially for crypto users, has recently launched Follow the Whale, its main product. Follow the Whale is a platform that will significantly contribute to the crypto space by analyzing data and predicting important updates in the market. 

A Game Changer for the Crypto Space

Poliant, a yearly founded crypto project, has just developed and launched its main product, Follow the Whale (FTWP). Follow the Whale Pool is an exclusive platform developed with the main goal of analyzing terabytes of data per second in order to anticipate crucial information. 

Follow the Whale will be able to identify when a whale enters or exits the market of a cryptocurrency. The platform will achieve that by accessing large quantities of data in a very short time. The data will come from the market and exchanges in the form of data packages. 

By analyzing such data, Poliant and Follow the Whale aim to offer users valuable information, as well as provide additional information to AI (Artificial Intelligence) software, in order to help it act in the best way possible. 

Basically, Follow the Whale will have one job - to follow the whale’s signal. When a whale exit  the market, the pool of Follow the Whale will go “Short”, while when a new whale enters the market, the system will go “Buy”. Thanks to this system, the team behind Follow the Whale can use whales’ market movements to generate rewards. 

Follow the Whale can indeed contribute to the well-functioning of the crypto space, considering that it anticipates some events that can truly affect the crypto market. Besides, Poliant’s focus on helping the AI industry can indeed increase the popularity of the crypto project and its main product, considering that artificial intelligence is fastly developing and gaining remarkable popularity with each day that passes. 

About Poliant 

Poliant is a private club developed for crypto users where entrepreneurs and freelancers can access and exchange know-how through various products and services. In other words, Poliant aims to become a common space where users can meet and discuss various crypto-related subjects and not only. Besides, Poliant aims to allow users to access exclusive services and products only available to those who registered on the platform and constantly contribute to its development.

Poliant launched recently and describes itself as a Ce-DeFi Club (Centralized-Decentralized Club). The centralized part of the project is linked to various companies that can check concepts such as KYC and AML procedures, software integration, token issuing, and others. 

On the other hand, the decentralized part of Poliant is correlated with token liquidity, POLI, xPOLI, rewards, management, and voting. Thus, Poliant users can contribute to the platform's processes by submitting their votes in the “DAO Voting” section. 

Poliant is a user-centered and user-friendly platform that is constantly focusing on growing its community and maintaining its users incentivized and intrigued by the concepts developed by the team. When it comes to its users, Poliant is working to provide a unique opportunity for crypto enthusiasts by allowing them to be part of the digital economy and earn various rewards for doing so. 

Stay Tuned

To learn more about Poliant, Follow the Whale, and the latest updates of the crypto project, do not hesitate to access the official Poliant website. You can also follow Poliant on Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, Linktree, and Facebook. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.

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