Mastercard Working On Ethereum-Based Multi-token Network

Mastercard Working On Ethereum-Based Multi-token Network

Mastercard, a leading provider of credit card services, is expanding its footprint into the burgeoning digital asset space.

In an ambitious move, the payments giant plans to launch a blockchain-based marketplace for financial applications, propelling the evolution of payment solutions beyond traditional parameters.

Diving Deeper into Blockchain Technology

In the quest to foster innovation in the financial technology space, Mastercard is poised to launch the beta version of its Mastercard Multi Token Network (MTN) in the UK in the coming months. The venture is being touted as an "app store powered by blockchain technologies for building regulated financial applications."

Raj Dhamodharan, Mastercard's Executive Vice President and Head of Crypto and Blockchain, emphasized the value of the underlying technology that powers crypto, stating that it is "actually quite useful."

Developers leveraging MTN will gain access to a myriad of tools that the company has been developing, one of which includes a private Ethereum-based blockchain, specifically crafted for the creation of novel applications. Mastercard's deep-seated commitment to the digital asset sector is further affirmed by products such as 'Crypto Secure,' 'Crypto Source,' and 'Crypto Credential.' These are geared towards enhancing transparency and trust in the digital asset space.

Developers working on the beta version will also be able to experiment with tokenized commercial bank deposits and blockchain data that provides real-time insights into a person's bank account balance.

Mastercard's Vision for the Future of Payments

Mastercard's vision for the MTN is to "provide a set of foundational capabilities designed to make transactions within the digital asset and blockchain ecosystems secure, scalable and interoperable — ultimately enabling more efficient payment and commerce applications."

The company's official announcement highlighted the importance of trust in the new digital ecosystem, stating,

"To realize the potential of blockchain and digital assets as critical infrastructure for storing and moving value, we’re launching the Mastercard Multi-Token Network."

Mastercard equates the current trajectory of digital asset and blockchain technologies to the internet's growth arc, predicting a similar transformational impact on the global economy.

"We believe that digital asset and blockchain technologies today are on a similar trajectory, one day becoming critical infrastructure for storing and moving value."

Mastercard's venture into the blockchain app store space represents a major shift towards the adoption of crypto technology in the financial industry, showcasing the company's steadfast commitment to promoting a wider range of secure, accessible, and always-on payment solutions.

The launch of the MTN, which the company describes as one of their most ambitious projects to date, is a crucial step towards fulfilling their vision for the future of payments. Mastercard anticipates making the MTN available to more markets around the world in due course, fostering an environment where the wider digital asset industry can thrive.

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