Etherscan Unveils AI-powered Code Reader $ETH

Etherscan Unveils AI-powered Code Reader $ETH

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Etherscan, an Ethereum block explorer and analytics platform, has launched an innovative tool that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to retrieve and interpret the source code of specific contract addresses.

Dubbed the 'Code Reader,' this application aims to enhance users' understanding of Ethereum source code by harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT, an algorithmic implementation for natural language developed by OpenAI.

Decoding Ethereum Contracts via AI: A Glimpse into Code Reader

Powered by ChatGPT, Code Reader's function is to generate insights into Ethereum contracts' source code files based on user prompts. After a user inputs a prompt, the tool responds with AI-generated interpretations of the contract’s source code files. In the world of blockchain analytics, Code Reader represents a significant advancement, as it provides comprehensive lists of smart contract functions related to Ethereum data and offers deep insights into the interactions of the underlying contract with decentralized applications.

Using Code Reader, however, requires a valid OpenAI API Key and sufficient OpenAI usage limits. The tool does not store any user's API keys, safeguarding user privacy and data security.

Etherscan’s Beta Integration of ChatGPT: A Prudent Approach

While Etherscan's integration of ChatGPT signals a major leap forward, the company maintains a cautious stance. The firm highlighted that the newly launched Code Reader is currently in its beta phase and that user feedback is actively encouraged for the tool’s refinement.

Importantly, Etherscan reminds users that the tool is for informational purposes only and cautions them against taking ChatGPT's responses at face value. This precautionary approach relates to the AI industry's common issue known as "hallucinating," where AI may generate false or misleading results not supported by real-world data. In light of this, Etherscan has been explicit in advising users to always verify the responses they receive from the tool.

AI in Blockchain Analytics: Future Prospects and Challenges

The launch of Etherscan's Code Reader comes amid a growing trend of AI integration in blockchain analytics, seen with Alchemy's recent launch of its own ChatGPT-based tool, AlchemyAI. However, the burgeoning role of AI in the blockchain industry also presents considerable challenges, especially regarding feasibility and data capacity.

A report by Singaporean venture capitral firm Foresight Ventures highlighted the substantial resources required to train large AI models, which can exceed the capacity of most networks. This report suggests that small AI models remain a more feasible choice, underlining the need for caution amidst the excitement surrounding the integration of larger AI models like ChatGPT.

Etherscan’s launch of the AI-powered Code Reader, and its integration of ChatGPT, marks a significant development in the use of AI in blockchain analytics. However, the challenges presented by AI hallucinations and data capacity constraints underline the importance of careful management and continuous improvement in this fast-paced industry.

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