Decentralized Exchange Sushi Partners with Ethics-First, Shariah-Compliant Haqq Network

Decentralized Exchange Sushi Partners with Ethics-First, Shariah-Compliant Haqq Network

Table of Contents, a major decentralized exchange, has entered into a transformative alliance with the Haqq Network, aiming to bring about a significant shift in decentralized finance (DeFi) accessibility for the worldwide Muslim community. This collaboration positions as the primary decentralized exchange for users of Haqq and its native digital currency Islamic Coin ($ISLM), ensuring smooth and Shariah-compliant token transactions with unparalleled convenience.

The benefits of the alliance

With a significant presence in the DeFi sector, stands out as a prominent player, facilitating an extensive range of tokens and reaching impressive daily trade volumes ranging from $50 million to $150 million. It has also amassed a total value locked (TVL) of approximately $1.14 billion. Through this integration, a robust platform emerges for Haqq participants and usersinvestors, enabling seamless participation in Shariah-compliant financial activities.

Members of the Haqq community will enjoy various benefits from, including the ability to provide liquidity, stake their assets in a pool created by Haqq on the platform, and earn $ISLM tokens during the liquidity mining phase. Additionally, they will be able to share in the profits generated from these pools.

"This integration with is a significant milestone not just for us but for the entire global Muslim community. It paves the way for faith-driven investors to engage in halal financial activities within a DeFi environment that's accessible and profitable,"

HAQQ Network's CTO, Andrey Kuznetsov, commented. 

Enabling access to ethical finance

The collaboration between Haqq and also significantly enhances liquidity, ensuring users the most favorable prices for any supported pair across all chains. Additionally, this partnership offers a convenient avenue for users on different chains to exchange tokens from the primary chain to Haqq Network's native token, $ISLM.’s user experience flow, designed with the global community of DEX traders in mind, will also bring substantial benefits to both the Haqq and Islamic Coin communities. With the deployment across 18 different chains, users can easily replenish gas in their wallets through swaps on any source chain supported on SushiXSwap, Sushi’s unified and multi-chain user interface for token swapping.

This strategic integration with showcases Haqq's unwavering commitment to establishing a more seamless, accessible, and lucrative DeFi environment for the global Muslim community and those enthusiastic about ethical finance.

More information on Haqq, Islamic Coin and the alliance is available via the official website and the platform’s social media.

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