Worldcoin Migrates From Polygon To Optimism Superchain

Worldcoin Migrates From Polygon To Optimism Superchain

Worldcoin, a project focused on creating a decentralized identity network, is migrating its newly launched World App from Polygon to Optimism's ecosystem.

The Worldcoin Foundation and Tools for Humanity (TFH) announced their commitment to support the Optimism Collective in realizing the Superchain vision, intending to build a scaleable blockchain ecosystem on the OP Stack.

As part of the collaboration, World ID, a decentralized, privacy-first identity protocol, will be available on OP Mainnet, and the World App will migrate from Polygon to OP Mainnet. The World App is the firfst wallet that enables transactions using Worldcoin, digital assets, and stablecoins. With more than 1.6 million sign-ups in beta and over 500,000 monthly active World App users, the deployments on OP Mainnet are expected to expand access and help Worldcoin reach a values-aligned ecosystem of developers and users.

Decentralized identity is central to the Optimism Collective's goal of building an economic engine that fuels positive-sum games. Bringing World ID to OP Mainnet lays the groundwork for scaling the future home of web3 identity and governance. It has the potential to enhance the capabilities of the Citizens' House governance, a key component of Optimism's ecosystem, as well as their AttestationStation, an experiment in emergent identity use cases.

Worldcoin's alignment with the Optimism ecosystem dates back to December 2020, with work on Hubble, an optimistic rollup optimized for simple payments. World App beta launched using Hubble before moving to Polygon PoS due to user demand for features beyond Hubble’s capabilities and the high costs associated with Optimism and Arbitrum at the time.

Collaboration between Worldcoin and Optimism has been ongoing for roughly a year, with joint contributions to EIP-4844, which aims to reduce Layer 2 fees by 10x. Coinbase has also contributed to EIP-4844, working towards Optimism's Superchain vision via its Layer 2 network dubbed Base. EIP-4844 is set to potentially help in accelerating adoption in the Optimism ecosystem and significantly boosting World App transactions across Ethereum Layer 2s with the wallet's migration to OP Mainnet.

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