While the wait for Near Protocol’s (NEAR) Rally Lingers, Investment in Sparklo’s (SPRK) Presale Continues

While the wait for Near Protocol’s (NEAR) Rally Lingers, Investment in Sparklo’s (SPRK) Presale Continues

Failure to invest in the right projects in crypto often results in a long wait for profits or losses. With gains the primary drive in crypto investment, investors have made it a habit to find safer projects with a significant likelihood of gains that they can invest in. Sparklo presale is currently that project, and investors are actively investing in it.

Near Protocol (NEAR): Partnership with Cosmose Likely to Impact Price in the Future

Near Protocol (NEAR) recently announced a partnership with Cosmose AI, an AI-based company primarily focused on retail shopping. An undisclosed amount of funding was provided by Near Protocol (NEAR) to Cosmose AI to assist in its quest to make crypto payments cheaper. Today, the company is estimated to be valued at about $500 million, thanks in part to Near Protocol’s (NEAR) funding.

Furthermore, Cosmose is also planning to integrate its customers’ data into the Near Protocol (NEAR) blockchain to improve efficiency. This is expected to impact its price at some point, which many enthusiasts share.

However, Near Protocol (NEAR) is still trading at $1.8, down by a considerable 4% in the past 24 hours at the time of writing. This bearish descent was followed by a further extension over the past 30 days, down by 8.5%. While a rally in the price of Near Protocol (NEAR) might be imminent, investors are nonetheless opting for the Sparklo presale. They believe its growth will be more significant than that of the Near Protocol (NEAR).


Sparklo (SPRK): An Innovative Project Poised to Disrupt The Investment Industry

In addition, to promote transparency, the KYC audit is almost at its final stage, while the smart contract has been audited by InterFi Network, which it passed with flying colors. Without forgetting the liquidity, it has been locked for a lifetime—100 years—which has further improved trust in the project.

Sparklo is projected to have significant growth in the coming months thanks to its innovative fundamentals, imminent adoption, and supportive community. Sparklo is an innovative blockchain-based investment platform aiming to provide more access to investment in gold, silver, and platinum, which is an unprecedented move.

The Sparklo investment platform aims to provide the opportunity to own and invest in bits of precious metals through fractionalized NFTs. By owning bits of NFT, investors are possessing digital assets backed by real-world rare assets. To possess the physical asset directly and not through NFTs, investors can purchase the complete NFT, and it will be delivered directly to them.

Today, Sparklo’s presale is worth a cheap price of only $0.017 and an additional 30% bonus until May 5th. It also comes with high growth potential, which analysts have predicted to surpass 3,000% the following year.

Furthermore, the smart contract has been audited by InterFi Network, which it convincingly passed. In addition, there is an ongoing KYC audit and a liquidity lock of 100 years, which improves investors’ confidence.

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