Uwerx(WERX) And Arbitrum(ARB) Are Two Cryptocurrencies That Could Kickstart A Bull Run

Uwerx(WERX) And Arbitrum(ARB) Are Two Cryptocurrencies That Could Kickstart A Bull Run

Bull markets are the most exciting times in the market, and precedent shows that a single cryptocurrency is capable of starting a bull market. The last 2021 bull market was a run that started with Dogecoin(DOGE), and the market never looked back until it touched the $3 trillion market cap. Some mini-runs we’ve seen during this bear market have also been inspired by top-gaining cryptocurrencies for the short term.

Arbitrum(ARB) is an honorable mention regarding market excitement, especially following the token airdrop, which caused a small price run-up for other cryptocurrencies. However, there’s an even better play in the market at the moment, and you better get in early on Uwerx.

Arbitrum(ARB) Causing Market Excitement

Arbitrum(ARB) is one of the earliest Ethereum layer-2 solutions in the crypto market, launched in August 2021. So when the network announced last year that it would run an airdrop, there was increased activity on the network with users trying to secure airdrop allocations.

The airdrop eventually came in March 2023 and was allocated to early users on the network. The minimum 625 ARB allocation was worth well over $800 at launch, and the maximum allocation of 10,200 ARB was enough to cause market excitement. The market saw high trading volume in the days that followed, and today, Arbitrum turnovers higher daily volume than networks like Avalanche(AVAX), Shiba Inu(SHIB), Tron(TRX), Polkadot(DOT), and even Polygon(MATIC).

However, this traction does not compare to the new excitement Uwerx is creating.

Can Uwerx(WERX) Kickstart A Bull Run?

Uwerx is bringing some new excitement to the market with its presale token backed with great utility. One of the major signs of a bull market is we begin to see money from other industries come into crypto. In this case, Uwerx is merging the global gig economy with the crypto market. But what exactly does Uwerx do?

Uwerx is an emerging blockchain-based freelance platform that aims to use the resources available on blockchain to create a better platform for independent workers. Uwerx’s new platform will feature many unique features, but more importantly, it prioritizes giving back more value to its users.

Contrary to predominant freelance platforms, Uwerx will likewise operate a decentralized platform to connect independent workers to jobs, clients, and businesses. Uwerx will include features including transparent pricing, incentivization, personalized matching, and several built-in tools to foster effective work contracts for freelancers. The native token WERX will serve as a massive store of value for the platform and will be the primary currency of the platform. However, Uwerx will also allow users to process payments with other cryptocurrencies, solving one of the biggest payment limitations in the industry.

Uwerx is primed for a run after presale, and early buyers on presale get in at a very low price. At a $0.0225 presale price, early buyers have a potential 10,000% profit to look forward to. In the worst-case scenario, the final presale price is around $0.095 - $0.115, which is some decent 10x profit for early buyers even before launch; don’t miss out.

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