The Oracle's Verse: A Collaborative NFT Story

The Oracle's Verse: A Collaborative NFT Story

Creative writers will be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of acquiring one of the most limited-edition NFT collections ever launched. The Quest of Evolution has just announced the launch of The Oracle’s Verse, the first-ever “crypto novel” that enables multiple writers to contribute a short chapter to an ongoing fictional tale, adding words, images and music, before selling it on to the next contributor. 

The Oracle’s Verse NFTs are what’s known as “evolving NFTs” and they provide an intriguing platform for budding writers, who’ll not only get to showcase their creativity to a wide audience, but also get paid for doing so. The NFTs introduce the concept of “write-to-earn”, with all six of the digital assets in the collection providing a passive income to each previous contributor. 

The six NFTs, each of which follows the journey of a different character, are unfinished novels. Whoever acquires the NFT next will be entitled to add a maximum of 200 words to the ongoing story. Once they’re done, they can then sell the NFT onto the next writer, who gets to add 200 more words, and so on until infinity. 

It’s truly a never-ending tale, but for the writers, the fun part is the evolution of that story. They’ll have as long as they need to put their thoughts onto paper and create the next chapter, and they’ll be able to draw on the experience and creativity of previous writers through an exclusive Discord channel, should they be stuck for ideas. 

The Quest of Evolution said the Oracle’s Verse provides storytellers with a fresh alternative to the extremely rigid and centralized process of novel writing today. Until this NFT collection was minted, the only way for a writer to get noticed was to write a full novel by themselves, or in collaboration with a few others, then find someone to publish it. 

With the Oracle’s Verse, their writings will be published immediately onto the blockchain and accessible to a community of like-minded writers. So they’re guaranteed an audience. Better still, they’ll also be assured of a share of the proceeds from each future sale, as the NFT’s smart contract enforces royalty payments to all previous contributors. In this way, those who contribute one of the earliest chapters could well end up getting a very decent return on their investment. 

The Quest of Evolution said the multichain Oracle’s Verse NFTs are up for auction on the OpenSea marketplace now, with a floor price of 250 MATIC (around $240). The auction is set to run until June 2, so don’t be surprised if the bidding eventually exceeds that amount by some distance. 

Shortly after the Oracle’s Verse NFTs go on sale, The Quest of Evolution is planning to launch a second collection representing a series of scientific essays from T. Dylan Daniel (aka Epic Dylan), the founder of PageDAO, an emerging Web3 writing and publishing community. Also on the roadmap is a crime fiction-based crypto novel that will kick off with a collaboration between the musician Zep and writer Joseph Nassise, a bestselling author who has published more than 60 novels.

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