The Intersection of Internet Culture and Cryptocurrency; Exploring the Connection Between Pepe Meme and Bitcoin

The Intersection of Internet Culture and Cryptocurrency; Exploring the Connection Between Pepe Meme and Bitcoin

Since the unprecedented rise of Bitcoin and accompanying cryptocurrencies, we've witnessed the rise of various trends, meme coins of the most renowned. Ideally, meme coins are depicted by animated or comical memes with support from millions of enthusiasts globally. While hundreds of meme coins exist, approximately 340, per CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin Pepe is the latest coin in the market. 

Bitcoin Pepe is an internet meme featuring Pepe the Frog, an internet character surrounded by or holding Bitcoin or other crypto-related symbols. Over the years, this popular meme character has become a sign of support for Bitcoin and altcoins. And a verbal commitment to keep holding cryptocurrencies as part of a long-term investment strategy. 

Pepe the Frog and Bitcoin—the Connection 

Created by cartoonist Matt Furi, Pepe was part of Matt’s 2015 Boy’s Club comic. The meme’s popularity grew exponentially, especially on MySpace, 4Chan, and Gala Online. Now, while Pepe has existed since way before Bitcoin’s revolutionary launch in 2009, the connection could be traced back to the origin of “HODL,” the popular crypto term for holding cryptocurrencies as long-term investments. 

A misspelling of the word “hold” on a Bitcoin forum created the term “HODL” and has become an integral part of Pepe and Bitcoin’s existence. Pepe became a constant feature of most Bitcoin-themed memes and has become what we know it to be today—an unwritten representation of support for holding Bitcoin and altcoins. Pepe and Bitcoin’s connection has led to a notable overlap as these separate yet intertwined cultures share similar values and beliefs. 

Like Bitcoin, Pepe has been caught up in controversies and hate, especially by the far-right corner. However, Pepe’s connection to Bitcoin remains devoid of political sentiment and merely focuses on an irreverent view of traditional finance. Additionally, it highlights the influence of internet culture and emerging technologies. As well as how both can revamp, on a grander scale, cultural discourse. 

The commingling of Pepe the Frog and Bitcoin led to the creation and subsequent launch of Bitcoin Pepe—a revolutionary meme coin built on the premise of holding cryptocurrencies to earn multiple rewards. 

The $BTCPEP Token  

Bitcoin Pepe allows its token—$BTCPEP—and NFT holders to earn BTC. Community members are rewarded in the form of BTC for holding on to $BTCPEP. It doesn't end there; Bitcoin Pepe also introduces upgradeable NFTs featuring Pepe the Frog in different positions, holding the Bitcoin logo. 

Bitcoin Pepe has a total supply of 222 billion $BTCPEP tokens. And according to the team, 60% of that was sent to a liquidity pool, locked and burnt. 10% will be paid for centralized exchange listings, bridges, and LPs. The remainder 30%, on the other hand, is locked separately and linearly vested over 12 months and will serve staking and rewarding purposes for its ecosystem. 

The Project Roadmap 

The Bitcoin Pepe team has released an ambitious yet realistic roadmap, split into four phases. Centralized exchange listing, token airdrop, collaborations, partnerships, and the highly anticipated BitcoinPepe NFT drop are part of the second phase of the roadmap. 

The launch of the dynamic Bitcoin Pepe ecosystem, staking and earning of $BTCPEP, NFT staking, Bitcoin Pepe merchandise, tools, and additional exchange listings are also a part of the third and final phase of the project roadmap. Through a series of marketing campaigns, the team hopes to reach and exceed 50,000 $BTCPEP holders at the end of the fourth and final phase of the project plan. 

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