Stretch To Earn (STN) has introduced a Free to Earn Program, STN Presale on PinkSale, and an NFT Collection, aiming to encourage financial independence and a healthy lifestyle

Stretch To Earn (STN) has introduced a Free to Earn Program, STN Presale on PinkSale, and an NFT Collection, aiming to encourage financial independence and a healthy lifestyle

Recently, the cryptocurrency market has seen a surge in AI-related tokens, and STN is among the projects utilizing AI technology. This fusion of AI and cryptocurrency not only presents attractive investment opportunities but also contributes to the advancement of various industries. Let's delve into the details of STN below.

STN  is a FitnessFi Superapp integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Defi options to provide an "all-in-one" platform with an extraordinary Free-Fit-Fun experience. 

The platform has launched the "Free to Earn" program, incentivizing users to adopt healthy lifestyle habits by allowing them to earn up to 1250 STN-A tokens (equivalent to $12.5 USDT). Additionally, the project is selling the NFT Collection, enabling users to utilize and earn STN tokens. Excitingly, the STN token will be listed on the MEXC Exchange on May 9th, 2023.

Stretch to Earn (STN) has recently introduced an innovative program called Free to Earn.

This program encourages STN users to adopt a healthy lifestyle and rewards them for their commitment.

To participate in the program, users are required to download the Stretch to Earn app. Upon downloading the app, users will receive 1000 STN-A tokens, which can later be converted into STN tokens. Moreover, KYCed members who maintain an active exercise routine and live a healthy lifestyle can earn an additional 250 STN-A tokens per day. Users can register and become KYCed members after downloading the app.

Download Link: 

The STN-A tokens earned through the "Free to Earn" program has multiple uses. Users can utilize them to convert into STN tokens, upgrade NFTs, etc. The STN token serves as a utility token within the Stretch to Earn app and ecosystem, providing access to various features and services.

The Free to Earn Program presents an exciting opportunity for users to engage with Stretch to Earn and earn rewards for their healthy habits. By incentivizing a healthy lifestyle, Stretch to Earn aims to impact users' lives and promote overall societal well-being positively.

STN Presale on Pinksale is opening - $41,000.00 (NFT GiveAway) for the first 300 angel investors - Last Chance to Own STN Before Listing on MEXC on May 9th

After launching STN Fair Launch and successfully reaching the soft cap in just 24 hours. This is the last chance for investors to own STN tokens before they hit the MEXC exchange on May 9th, 2023.

📅 Presale Time: 2:00 UTC, May 5th - 8:00 UTC, May 9th, 2023

🚀 Presale Link: 

Why should you participate in the STN presale? 

- Last Opportunity for Early Ownership

This presale marks the final round before the STN tokens are listed on MEXC. By joining now, you have the exclusive chance to secure STN tokens at an early stage.

- Unbelievable Incentives for Angel Investors: $41,000.00 ( NFT) for the first 300 angel investors 

+ The first 100 fortunate angel investors to receive 100 NFT Legends ($30,000.00) when investing 5 BNB or more.

+ The next 100 angel investors who invest from 2 BNB and receive 100 NFT Masters valued at $10,000.00

+ The next 100 participants who invest 0.5 BNB receive 100 NFT Experts worth $1,000.00.

STN releases the NFT Collection ahead of STN's listing on MEXC on May 9th, 2023.

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