Best Cryptos To Outperform The Market: Uwerx (WERX), Fantom (FTM), And GMX (GMX)

Best Cryptos To Outperform The Market: Uwerx (WERX), Fantom (FTM), And GMX (GMX)

The crypto space continually presents investors with opportunities due to the pace of development. Investors who understand the narrative flows can always find projects before periods of expansion, and Uwerx, Fantom (FTM), and GMX (GMX) are three projects that will outperform the market due to their unique value propositions.

Uwerx (WERX)

Uwerx will launch the world’s first decentralized gig economy platform based on the Polygon (MATIC) network. This project has excited analysts, and freelancers alike, given the current state of the freelance intermediary market. Despite freelancing and remote work representing the most significant growth area within the job market, traditional platforms have continued to drag their feet when it comes to changing their business models.

Upwork made more than $373 million in platform fees in 2020, charging, on average, 20% to freelancers. Uwerxdisintermediates and replaces centralized choke points with immutable and open records. As well as drastically reducing platform fees to 1%, Uwerx will boast better record-keeping and provide a more trusted and secure service. Senior analysts expect millions of freelancers globally to adopt Uwerx by the end of 2023. Several analysts have called for more than 8,000% price gains for the WERX token, hinting that they believe it will become a blue chip project.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom (FTM) is a highly scalable layer one blockchain. Fantom (FTM) regained renewed interest from two pieces of news. Fantom (FTM) released its financials showing a thirty-year runway, and Andre Cronje rejoined the Fantom (FTM) team. Fantom (FTM) specializes in DeFi, and a greater risk appetite from investors means money flows into DeFi, which means Fantom (FTM) accrues value.

Fantom (FTM) has returned to its roots and focused on DAppdevelopment, leading analysts to predict that Fantom (FTM) will perform excellently in 2023.


GMX (GMX) has been a breakthrough DeFi project. GMX (GMX) is deployed on Avalanche (AVAX) and Arbitrum, and the protocol offers leveraged perpetual futures contracts to traders. GMX (GMX) offers the trading experience of a centralized exchange, but GMX (GMX) allows users to retain full custody of their assets while trading.

GMX (GMX) has continuously generated large platform fees, showing how popular GMX (GMX) is with traders, and the switch away from centralized exchanges in favor of decentralized exchanges has provided a great macro tailwind for GMX (GMX) to grow. With the recent Arbitrum airdrop, many expect the popularity of the chain to grow, and in turn this should have a positive impact on the price of GMX.

Uwerx (WERX) To Become A Blue Chip Project?

Investors should never underestimate how rapidly disruptors can grow through displacement. Uwerx has a twenty-five-year liquidity lock in place post-launch, a highly capable team, and a truly unique offering to the fastest-growing area of employment. The project has already received two audit approvals by InterFiNetwork and Solidproof. We believe its growth throughout 2023 will shock the entire space and it is definitely worth having a look at, especially as it is so early and the room for growth is significant.

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