Next 100x Meme Coin: Will Raboo Beat Out BOME and DEGEN?

Next 100x Meme Coin: Will Raboo Beat Out BOME and DEGEN?

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The race to become the next 100x crypto meme coin is hotting up. As Book of Meme (BOME) and Degen experience dips in value following a strong Q1 2024, a newcomer emerges as the favorite meme coin with 100x potential this year.

Say hello to Raboo, an exciting new project recently launching its fast-selling crypto presale at just $0.003. Analysts predict potential 233% returns during the ICO and a possible 100x surge upon release.

Raboo: Can this new meme coin fulfill its 100x crypto promise?

Raboo is a brand-new meme coin aiming to reshape the crypto world with its unique fusion of NFTs, merch, AI-generated memes, and SocialFi capabilities.

The Raboo platform centers on a cutting-edge post-to-earn model, allowing users to monetize their creative content by posting on social media for rewards. This process produces a new paradigm for community engagement within the meme coin sector, which relies on the support of its user community.

The Raboo presale is now in its second stage, with the native RABT token priced at $0.0036. With over $1 million raised, 4,000 registered members, and 1,400 token holders, Raboo could achieve its goal of becoming a top 20 cryptocurrency by market cap. Indeed, analysts are united in their forecasts that Raboo could be the next 100x crypto this year.

Book of Meme: Meme coin pretender drops almost 25%

Solana entered the meme coin market with a splash in 2024 with a range of coins minted on its network. Book of Meme is one of the most popular solutions, combining meme culture with speculative trading and decentralized digital storage.

After reaching the $1 billion market cap milestone in March 2024, Book of Meme’s listing on Binance and KuCoin has been central to its emergence as one of the hottest meme coinscurrently on the market.

However, Book of Meme hasn’t remained immune to the market dip at the start of Q2 2024, dipping 25% over the week ahead of the imminent Bitcoin halving event. While analysts remain optimistic about the coin’s future, it looks unlikely to be the next 100x crypto sensation.

Degen: New Ethereum-based social crypto

Degen launched in January 2024 as an ERC-20 token that allows users to create financially rewarding social interactions. By bridging the gap between online engagement and bringing tangible value, Degen uses a points system to recognize and reward unique social contributions.

This groundbreaking foundation has seen Degen broaden its horizons with the launch of its own blockchain, a new layer-3 network that’s caught the attention of many meme coin enthusiasts.

While this has yet to translate into serious price boosts so far, analysts have stopped short of predicting Degen becoming the next 100x crypto. Still, they are unanimous in forecasting outstanding gains to come later this year in the wake of the imminent Bitcoin halving event.


As the Raboo presale unfolds, meme coin enthusiasts are flocking to this new crypto in droves as they seek to be part of this revolutionary enterprise. While Book of Meme and Degen have positive futures ahead, neither can match the potential of Raboo, which is being heavily tipped as the next 100x crypto investment opportunity this year.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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