Metatime Token Sale Will Start on March 3 to Kickstart Its Web3 Ecosystem

Metatime Token Sale Will Start on March 3 to Kickstart Its Web3 Ecosystem

Istanbul, Turkey, 2nd March, 2023, Chainwire

Web3 ecosystem, Metatime, has announced its private token sale will commence on March 3. Despite being billed as a private sale, the event will be open to the public, giving them an opportunity to stake a claim in the web3 universe that Metatime is creating.

The first phase of the Metatime private sale will see 1% of the 10 billion token supply offered for sale. 100 million MTC tokens will be priced at $0.07 and there will be no vesting attached, giving the community an opportunity to utilize them within the emerging Metatime ecosystem immediately.

Two further private rounds, priced at $0.08 and $0.09 respectively, will come with 50 and 100 days’ linear vesting attached. For this reason, demand is expected to be high for the first round of Metatime’s private sale. As an additional incentive, participants in this initial round, which commences on March 3, will receive a 3% token bonus. On March 13, tokens will be distributed to private sale participants.

A final strategic sale will see MTC made available with a starting price of $0.1, rising to a maximum price of $1.50. Here, a novel token sale mechanism allows participants to choose between 0-500 days’ vesting, with the price they pay for MTC determining the vesting length.

Metatime is creating a sprawling web3 ecosystem that will empower web users to take advantage of the many opportunities this emerging technology discipline has to offer. Initial products will comprise a Metatime exchange and blockchain, which will form the foundation for everything that comes next. Products under development include MetaChain, MetaExchange, MetaNFT Marketplace, MetaLaunchpad, MetaExplorer, MetaWallet, MetaCoin, and MetaStablecoin.

The MetaChain network will utilize a novel Proof of Meta consensus mechanism that enables ordinary users to participate in securing the blockchain and be rewarded for their efforts. It will be complemented by MetaExchange, a platform designed for traders of all ability levels. No commission is charged on trades closed out at a loss, while a copy trading feature will give beginners a chance to profit from following the pros.

MetaExchange will be the first centralized crypto exchange to provide full order book transparency. This enables users to ensure that all trades have been placed correctly and that there have been no attempts at market manipulation. Subsequent Metatime products include MetaLaunchpad for giving users access to emerging new projects on MetaChain.


About Metatime

Metatime is a complete blockchain ecosystem for giving individuals entry to web3 in all its forms. From NFTs to trading and gaming to saving, Metatime incorporates a range of powerful products that will give network users full control over their finances, identity, and assets. The MTC token plays a pivotal role in realizing these goals, rewarding MetaChain validators and creating a circular economy in which everyone prospers.

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