MetaMask Launches 'Learn' Web3 Education Initiative

MetaMask Launches 'Learn' Web3 Education Initiative

Web3 wallet project MetaMask has launched MetaMask Learn, a Web3 education initiative that offers a full introductory course on Web3 and general crypto use and concepts.

The ConsenSys-backed wallet project has shot to industry recognition and widespread use ever since its launch in 2016. During its inception, it was initially designed to be a wallet that would directly interact with Ethereum and decentralized applications built on top of the proof of work iteration of this blockchain.

Later developments in 2019 led to the wallet opening support for various other blockchains and cryptocurrencies. In 2021, MetaMask introduced its first builds for mobile devices, further widening its reach among users trying to interact with decentralized apps (Web3) or those simply wanting. To date, the wallet also has a built-in DEX aggregation tool and token swapping utility.

The launch of MetaMask Learn marks a significant effort on the part of ConsenSys to support and create better learning opportunities for new users, as well as provide a proper avenue for learning what Web3 is all about, where it's going, and what all of it means for the future of the crypto and blockhain industry.

"Our world is increasingly digital and interconnected. It’s taking place on devices: our screens are our windows, our data is our identity, and more and more of our lives take place online," says a description from the platform's introductory course dubbed 'The Web3 101 Course'.

Funnily enough, there's a certain sense of authority imparted by its insistence on this course being the course for anyone looking to undergo a roughly formalized learning path towards Web3 and its current state. We can give that to MetaMask, though, what with their track record and current market penetration rate. In the Web3 world, if anything else, numbers talk.

"Events in 2022 rightfully undermined confidence in custodial finance, and more crypto investors are looking to use self-custodial products. While we strive to make the product speak for itself, users were often disoriented when searching the web to understand topics more deeply. MetaMask Learn gives users a beautiful and information rich foundation for taking their next steps into the web3 ecosystem by combining visual learning with action-oriented testing," shares Dan Finlay, co-founder of MetaMask.

According to MetaMask, the project is envisioned as a way of navigating the ever-expanding horizon of Web3 projects, protocols, and tools. In this sense, MetaMask supports the distribution of access to resources and information about Web3, ushering in a platform that operates from the principle of inclusivity and openness. These are, of course, values that reflect the ethos of crypto and blockchain technology: decentralization and autonomy.

The learning platform will initially be available in various languages aside from English, with a preferential option (or prioritization, at least for how it's currently localized) for Bahasa (Indonesia), Tagalog (Philippines), Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, and Vietnamese. MetaMask promises that more languages will be supported in further builds.

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