Cosmos (ATOM), Helium (HNT) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) - Three Tokens Set for Success in 2023

Cosmos (ATOM), Helium (HNT) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) - Three Tokens Set for Success in 2023

Cryptocurrencies have put their bottom if recent gains are anything to go by. While the focus has been on Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), Cosmos (ATOM) and Helium (HNT) are also topping the charts with double-digit percentage gains. Nevertheless, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) shows signs of great success in 2023 if a 1400% plus gain in stage 5 of presale is anything to go by.


Cosmos (ATOM) Blockchain Interoperability Opportunity

Cosmos (ATOM) is another token well poised for success in 2023 as the need to make blockchains communicate with one another becomes clear. Unfortunately, blockchain adoption in the mainstream sector has been hampered because there is no direct chain to connect different blockchains.

Cosmos (ATOM) is looking to change all this by enhancing interoperability in the sector. Dubbed the internet of blockchains, Cosmos’ (ATOM) technology is already being used by developers as it makes communication easy for different blockchains.

ATOM is the governance token that keeps the network secure and ensures a swift exchange of information. Cosmos (ATOM) is already up by more than 60% for the year, signaling renewed interest as the industry bottoms out.


Helium (HNT) IoT Connectivity Push

Helium (HNT) is another token breaking out and on the course of success in 2023 if an 80% plus rally year to date is anything to go by. Helium’s (HNT) growing popularity is due to its push to enhance communication and connectivity for the internet of things.   The blockchain project has found a way to address connectivity issues associated with cellular Wi-Fi and business Wi-Fi.

Helium (HNT) already offers connectivity to the Internet of Things via hotspots that provide a long-range form of Wi-Fi under LongFi. Helium’s (HNT) connection can reach 200 times farther than traditional Wi-Fi, making it a perfect fit compared to conventional Wi-Fi connections. Big companies already leverage its technology, including DISH Network, which plans to support open source and low-cost wireless connectivity. The city of San Jose in California has also joined the Helium (HNT) network.


Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Crowdfunding Ambitions

Orbeon Protocol's (ORBN) explosive run has to do with whales and other investors taking note of the project's push to level the playing field in crowdfunding. The new project has established a decentralized investment platform to enable everyday investors to tap into opportunities while participating in early startup and business funding rounds.

Only venture capitalists and angel investors gained access to investments in early startups for the longest time, thanks to their deep pockets. With some rounds requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars, everyday investors have always been left to lick their wounds on lost opportunities.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) plans to change all this by leveraging fractional stakes through NFTs, thus allowing average investors to invest the least amount. Additionally, the platform offers a marketplace where investors can find and invest in vetted real-world businesses with tremendous potential, looking to raise some capital. The OrbeonProtocol (ORBN) exchange allows companies to raise money while leveraging reward-based or equity-based NFT systems.

ORBN is the token to power the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) ecosystem allowing holders to invest in factional stakes of various businesses and startups. In addition, the game-changing project has also enabled staking, allowing OrbeonProtocol (ORBN) token holders to lock their tokens in liquidity pools to enhance liquidity and, in return, earn some passive income from the fees generated.

The future can only be bright for Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) as it moves to enhance crowdfunding investments. Helium (HNT) is also on the cusp of an impressive year as it enhances Wi-Fi connections, as Cosmos (ATOM) also moves to improve interoperability in the blockchain space.

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