NFT Collection Dope Wars Price, Stats, and Review

NFT Collection Dope Wars Price, Stats, and Review

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The DOPEWARS community is producing a game on the Ethereum and StarkWare blockchain, inspired by the classic TI-83 game we played instead of doing math homework.

DOPE NFTs can now be unbundled into individual items on L2. Some NFTs in this collection may have already been unbundled. You can check the status of a NFT via If the NFT states "Ready to Unpack" it has not been unbundled.

The total number of owners has reached 1922.

NFT Collection Dope Wars Price and Sales

The market capitalization of Dope Wars NFT collection is 463.91 ETH. For all time, 12,647 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.28 ETH (~$444.09 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 3,488.269 ETH. The floor price of Dope Wars is 0.0457 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 3.45 ETH. The payment tokens of the Dope Wars collection are ETH, DAI, WETH, USDC.

Dope Wars traits list


Dope Wars fees

  • Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points
  • Seller fee to dev: 500 basis points
  • Buyer fee to 0 basis points
  • Seller fee to 250 basis points
  • Buyer fee: 0 basis points
  • Seller fee: 750 basis points

Dope Wars editors list

The approved editor's accounts of Dope Wars collection are 0xe8d848debb3a3e12aa815b15900c8e020b863f31.

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