NFT Collection Bamboozlers Price, Stats, and Review

NFT Collection Bamboozlers Price, Stats, and Review

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Years ago in a metaverse far away, an interspatial meteorite slammed into the pandaverse. The blast affected ~3000 pandas in the radius, causing them to grow more intelligent, suave and experimental.

Following their transformation, the affected pandas congregated in the most prestigious bamboo valley residing near Gooch Mountain. They became so much more intelligent that unaffected pandas shunned them, labeling them Bamboozlers. They eventually built a suave bamboo wall around their valley...the area now referred to as Bamboozlers Garden.

The Bamboozlers got so intelligent they started experimenting with alchemy and learned how to transmute new Bamboozlers through what they call "gm" (generative-manifestation). They managed 2274 successful gm's....4726 transmutations caught fire and burned

Bamboozlers have built an Experimental group testing new transmutations and exploring what other vibes the metaverse has to offer.

The total number of owners has reached 857.

NFT Collection Bamboozlers Price and Sales

The market capitalization of Bamboozlers NFT collection is 0 ETH. For all time, 3,279 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.94 ETH (~$1,520.87 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 3,097.319 ETH. The floor price of Bamboozlers is 0.00659 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 0.13 ETH. The payment tokens of the Bamboozlers collection are ETH, WETH.

Bamboozlers traits list

Not bamboozled 5698
Bamboozled 4302
Bandana 570
Cowboy hat 1769
No hat 2721
Traditional hat 1738
Classy hat 1781
Top hat 587
Tinfoil hat 578
Crown 248
Panda patrol 8
Kawaii 3220
Chad shadez 1761
Nounish 588
Gremplin 1814
Monocle 606
Stoned 589
Rainbow shadez 255
Black sunglasses 558
Eyepatch 599
Cyclops shadez 10
Tongue out 1739
Smirk 1815
Straight 2705
Cigarette 1772
Pipe 266
Toad legz 265
Gremplin 577
Bamboo 250
Cuban 601
Squigarette 10
Regular 7356
Gold earring 2043
Bitten 601
Suspenders 1822
Neckerchief 1774
Empty 3486
Bandolier 610
Gold chain 566
Diamond medallion 593
Tuxedo 253
Necktie 616
Bamboo-tang 12
Heart 268
Regular 7365
Wide 593
Strong 2042
Chad 3285
Thicc 3412
Slim 3287
Skeleton 16
Mauve 1910
Bamboo green 5098
Trippy 642
Vampire 290
Hypno 254
Space 238
Pandenza 17
Zig-zags 605
Mountain 676
Rave 270

Bamboozlers fees

  • Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points
  • Seller fee to dev: 0 basis points
  • Buyer fee to 0 basis points
  • Seller fee to 250 basis points
  • Buyer fee: 0 basis points
  • Seller fee: 250 basis points

Bamboozlers editors list

The approved editor's accounts of Bamboozlers collection are 0x4392d4a620d1f75f1a6cbc8940a07f4bd98a7d8d, 0xae10ed49b683f55ab910dcd40fce420eea39bc35.

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