GROOT, a Revolutionary New DEX Platform to Hit the Market soon

GROOT, a Revolutionary New DEX Platform to Hit the Market soon
  • Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) down the line to incubate and accelerate businesses.
  • This XDC-based DEX platform is all set to create its own governance token.

Groot DEX, powered by Elit Web3, is a rebellious retort that addresses the persistent problems faced by decentralized platforms. The inception of their roadmap encompasses the exchange that embraces borrow protocol to kickstart its liquidity scenario. 

Better Solutions for Long-Term DEX Problems

Groot plays a major role in governing the transaction broadcast to the network. This is achieved  by providing the perks of a hybrid ecosystem. The amalgamation of high throughputs with better User Experience (UX) from centralized exchanges (CEX), reliability, and transparency from the decentralized exchanges is executed. 

This DEX’s smart contracts are developed in a way that this Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) clasps the responsibility of dispatching sequential signed trades to the Blockchain Network. 

What to Expect

The roadmap portrays its engagement towards their adaptability across multiple web3 domains. Indeed, their DEX’s launch is followed by staking, NFTs, wallet, and Groot Name Services (GNS).


Emphatically, the phases of their testnets are on the move, causing the community to run amok contributing potential feedback to the product every day. Their ILO is designed to address the funding crisis encountered by web3 startups, aiding their capital to build dApps and tools on the protocol. 

Groot DEX declares that the core decisions shaping the organization’s roadmap are achieved through the decentralized decision-making protocol. One has to withhold 250,000 Groot governance tokens to become a validator who partakes in submitting proposals to the DAO. 

With Groot tokens backed by Gold (CGO), this new DEX platform provides the users with multiple features including Swap, Stability Pool, Stake, and ILO. The Groot ecosystem predominantly spearheaded eliminating blockchain scams that disrupted the environment in recent days.

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