Genuine NFT Artworks Debuted at Art Basel and Venice Biennale Exhibitions

Genuine NFT Artworks Debuted at Art Basel and Venice Biennale Exhibitions

Suppose the Art Basel exhibition floor and the Venice Biennale had anything in common in 2022, apart from hosting mesmerizing works of inspiring art. In that case, it’s the presence of a new form of expressive medium that is making an even bigger impact as a bridge between mind and matter. The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) phenomenon is coming back stronger than ever, despite the recession on the overall market of decentralized digital assets. It seems art lovers speak the same language, as appreciation for expression has taken over the mercantile aspect of digitization, allowing visionary projects to make their statements at both world-leading art events.

The Venice Biennale of 2022, which took place from May to November, hosted “Seven of Swords” by Justin Aversano, displayed at the Decentral Art Pavilion — dedicated entirely to digital artworks. The work, part of the “Smoke and Mirrors” collection, consists of 78 photographs of visionary individuals from the mystical, astrological, tarot, and other metaphysical planes of thought. Designed as unique tarot cards themselves in NFT format, the portrait artworks highlight an otherworldly presence, making the viewer believe in the existence of magic, hauntingly conveyed through the characters’ zealous adherence to their powers.

“Metamorphoses” by Concept2048 is another project with NFT inclinations that made its loud statement at the Venice Biennale’s contemporary art exhibition Personal Structures. Created by a duo of digital artists – Ekaterina Perekopskaya and Rostyslav Brenych — the works, set to be released as NFTs on January 24, 2023, represent various facets of art, stemming from concept and foresight. Indeed, considering that both artists involved in Concept2048 specialize in art fashion and conceptual production, their works leave more questions than answers in the mind of the viewer, tantalizing them with the quintessential one — is there such a thing as a final answer at all? 

The subtle games of light and shades of vibrant colors are the focal points in the collection, focusing the viewer’s attention on the contrasts at play and the underlying concept of Universal light, one that dims in our world as it passes through challenges and development phases. The open-ended nature of their creative works sheds light on global issues, like sustainable development, urging and inspiring the viewer to act and take a stance.


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