G4AL Announces Strategic IDO Partnership with Enjinstarter

G4AL Announces Strategic IDO Partnership with Enjinstarter

Barcelona, Spain, 24th January, 2023: Games For A Living, a Web3 game development studio and a permissioned layer 1 gaming infrastructure platform, has announced it is entering into a strategic partnership with Enjinstarter in an initial dex offering (IDO) agreement. 

Enjinstarter and Games For A Living (G4AL) announced a strategic partnership with a $100,000 USD IDO agreement. The partnership will focus on enabling and providing quality Web3 games to the masses. 

Built on JumpNet, Enjinstarter’s core focus lies on Metaverse, GameFi, NFTs and music to mention a few. G4AL aims to capitalise on developers and creators within the Web3 gaming industry to build communities, games and more! 

As an IDO partner for G4AL, Enjinstarter will work closely with the project ahead of its initial game offering on 20–02-2023 as well as the Play-to-Earn launch of the Elemental Raiders game, with the game already being live as Free-To-Play on Steam. The partnership aims to promote the many utilities that G4AL has to offer to onboard games developers to the blockchain with no difficulty. Additionally, Enjinstarter will also be working closely with teams at G4AL and all the games under its umbrella, alongside its partners such as DVerse towards partnerships, promotions, campaigns, AMAs and more. 

G4AL’s core focus lies in developing a suite of services and offerings for blockchain games, with plug and deploy models integrated into game engines easing game studios’ developer pipelines. 

About G4AL 

Games for a Living (G4AL) was founded in 2021 by Manel Sort (CEO), the former FVP and GM of King Studio, Javier León (Art Director), an Emmy Award Nominee, Christian Gascons and Marc Tormo (both ex-Blizzard Entertainment). The team has a combined 100 years of experience in building and growing startups. Games For A Living consists of a Web3 game development studio as well as a permissioned layer one blockchain infrastructure made to support gamers and developers. Under the G4AL blockchain, the first game is called Elemental Raiders, a free to play strategy RPG game with play and earn features to be released soon. 

The vision for the G4AL is driving mass adoption of blockchain gaming by building an infrastructure that game developers can use at no added cost so they can offer true ownership of assets to their players. And through the creation of games that showcase the infrastructure and our belief that blockchain games will drive greater engagement with users and will be the biggest revolution in gaming since the introduction of free-to-play models.

About Enjinstarter

EnjinStarter is a launchpad interested in providing support for blockchain games, NFTs, Metaverse. Their native token is $EJS and is also interested in facilitating the growth and development of Enjin and its Efinity blockchain.

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