ZTX Metaverse Platform Announces Strategic Partnership With Lenge To Offer Futuristic Fashion Items

ZTX Metaverse Platform Announces Strategic Partnership With Lenge To Offer Futuristic Fashion Items

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  • The partnership with Lenge is the first since the ZTX Web3 platform undertook the Genesis Home Mint that sold out on OpenSea.

  • ZTX and Lenge intend to offer futurist fashion items to the Genesis Home owners in the coming months to make the 3D ecosystem more lively. 

  • Although the pricing is not yet revealed, some of the Lenge collectibles will be available to Genesis Home owners at no cost.

After raising $13 million in a seed funding round led by Jump Crypto and undertaking the Genesis Home mint on the OpenSea NFT marketplace that sold out in hours, the ZTX metaverse platform has now announced the first partnership geared towards providing investors with exclusive futuristic collectibles through a strategic partnership with Lenge, a popular content creator with keen focus on virtual fashion. 

According to the announcement, the partnership between the ZTX Web3 platform and Lenge will provide the Genesis Home owners with the first digital collectibles to decorate their district homes. 

The Lenged platform has a reputation among customers for creating intriguing products, having already worked with Adobe, among many others. The platform has more than 18 million global followers and managed to generate over $2 million in sales last year. The partnership with  ZTX is the first geared toward providing fashion products through blockchain technology amid the mainstream adoption of digital assets.

Lenged creates disruptive fashion products like clothing and 3D accessories that will be offered through the Arbitrum layer two chain on OpenSea for all initial ZTX NFT holders.

Drawing inspiration from astropunk culture, the inaugural drop will consist of three distinct collections of head-to-toe 3D wearables and will be available exclusively to owners of ZTX Genesis Homes.

Why the Partnership Between ZTX and Lenge Matters to Crypto Enthusiasts 

Through the Avatar Builder, ZTX Web3 platform has managed to enrich its immersive 3D world with creative content. In mid-July this year, the ZTX metaverse platform announced the first wearable collaboration with Dust Labs to provide NFT holders with diverse options for investing and interacting with emerging Web3 projects. Having successfully rolled out a token-gated experience for DeGods holders where they can claim DeGods-branded hoodies and sweatpants within the Avatar Builder, the ZTX platform is now taking the experience to the next level with Lenge.

“We’re excited to announce the first district-specific partnership of our Genesis Homes community. The designs that we have collaborated on for the collections are truly cutting-edge and we believe our community will be thrilled to encounter the work of such a top-level creator as Lenge. This is great news for our Fashion District home owners, but we are extremely committed to continuing to bring value to all the individual districts of ZTX,” Alexx, Chief Futurist and creator at ZTX, noted in a statement.

In a bid to reward holders of the Genesis Home collectibles, the company has noted that some of the products created by Lenge will be available to ZTX customers at no cost. Moreover, the pricing and the timing of the inaugural NFT drops have not yet been confirmed to the public.

“I’m very pleased to be able to announce the collaboration we have been working on for a long time. Having been one of the pioneering creators on the legacy Web2 platform, I am very bullish on the Web3 vision of ZTX and hope to contribute to its mission of mainstream adoption for crypto. I hope that more creators will also join ZTX, as blockchain is not going away and ZTX is well positioned to play an important role in the industry,” Lenge, the founder of Lenged, said.

Market Outlook 

The ZTX metaverse platform issued 4,000 District Homes through the ERC-721 format on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Having listed on the OpenSea for a floor price of about 0.06 Ether on August 30, the value had risen to about 0.27 Ether with a total volume of around 193 ETH during the third week of September. 

With the mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming projects, ZTX is expected to remain among the top runners. The ZTX project has committed content creators, investors and a vibrant community backed by the ZEPETO social movement. Additionally, the ZTX products are running on the Arbitrum layer-two network that has a reputation for high scalability with military-grade security from the Ethereum blockchain.

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