Chezka Gonzales interview with CryptoDaily’s Scott Cunningham

Chezka Gonzales interview with CryptoDaily’s Scott Cunningham

I'm Scott Cunningham for Crypto Daily, and today we're speaking with Chezka Gonzales of Women of Substance NFT and Philippine Blockchain Week. 

Scott Cunningham (CD): 

Chezka, you've had a very adventurous life from being a nurse to a commercial pilot to being the founder of Women of Substance NFT. What brought you to the world of NFTs?

Chezka Gonzales (CG):

Oh, this is an interesting question because people that know me, know me as Filipino pilot Chezka, and for sure, I'm not in the NFT world. I'm in the aviation world supposedly, but due to the pandemic, I lost my job. I've been in the airline industry for 10 years already, but due to the pandemic, I lost it. And pilots don't have flights. So I deep dived into the world of crypto, into the world of NFT and I found myself going down the rabbit hole.

And so from there I started with Nas Academy and they got me into a crypto content creator master course, and we're only 50 in the world and we're only three Filipinos. And from there we started to make contents about the Metaverse. They taught us about NFTs, they taught us about crypto, and about the Metaverse. And from there I said, okay, my charity work should be incorporated with NFTs, and from there I just wanted to be in the NFT world.


And so the Women of Substance was born. That's awesome. Can you tell us a little bit more about Women of Substance and what it's all about? 


Sure. Women of Substance is a collection of powerful women because I want the world to know that women can do anything, any profession, even if it is in a male dominated field, they can do it.

And we, I wanna be the inspiration so that the little girls out there will really understand that there is someone that they can look up to. And this is what Women of Substance is all about. Now, I am also giving out scholarships. And from there I thought that this is the avenue and the channel of Women of Substance, and now this is the official charity of the Philippine Blockchain Week, and we will be giving to beneficiaries as well after the event.


You're also a founder of the Philippine Blockchain Week  ( So what was the inspiration behind this event? 


So for the past year, I've been traveling to Dubai. I actually stayed in Dubai for a month, immersing myself in blockchain events. Just wanted to learn a lot more about it. And then I also stayed in Singapore for a month, Malaysia, et cetera.

And then I just traveled and traveled and I said to myself, I have all these contacts, I have all these opportunities, but then I wanted to give back and there's no Philippine Blockchain Week ever made yet in the Philippines. And I said, I will just use my contacts and my connections here in the Philippines to make one, which is, that's why now we're here. So I pitched it to my partner Donald Lim, and he saw the vision and the opportunities that this conference can bring.

And I'm just so happy that we will be giving the Filipino people the blockchain that they deserve. 


That's fantastic. And you'll also be a keynote speaker there. Can you give us a little bit of an idea and insight into what you'll actually be speaking about? 


I will be actually speaking about on how to start their web3 career without, you know, being in this space.

And there are job opportunities waiting for you here. 


And lastly, what is a message that you want the world to know about Philippine Blockchain Week and how is the Philippines going to welcome the world into this event? 


Okay, so the Philippine Blockchain week is actually, I wanna call this a transformational and life changing event, simply because when you walk out of this conference, you will either have a friend, you'll either have a job, an opportunity or an investor of some sort.

The Philippines is excited to welcome all of you, especially the international guests to be part of this event.  My partner has actually been doing this for the past 16 years for the web2 space, and now we will be bringing it to the web3. And I'm really excited for everyone to see the beauty of the Philippines and the talent that we have here in the Philippines and the opportunities as well and the fun that we have, and that, as they say, it's more fun in the Philippines. 

The numbers actually in the Philippines, Well, the fun facts about the Philippines, we have the number one crypto wallet downloads. We also have the top entity ownership. We are the social media capital of the world. We have 110 million population.

And I think all these numbers lead to our vision of making the Philippines as the blockchain capital of Asia. And I think people will benefit from this conference bridging all the web2 to the web3. And we have gathered all the businessmen, VCs, investors, the talents and the projects so that, you know, you can have all the connections and all in one place. 

And I'm also excited that we are supported by the Philippine government as well. And we are actually partnering with the Department of Tourism. We wanna boost tourism in the Philippines, just so the people from other countries will know how the Philippines is actually a great country in terms of investing, in terms of being, a beautiful island in terms of everything. So I'm really excited for you to know more about the Philippines and to just experience the Philippines, not just see it from the news or something, but I really want you to experience it during this blockchain week.

So I just can't wait to see all of you here. Tickets are now available actually at Website


Awesome. Hopefully we'll see everyone there. And thank you so much for being on the show. Chezka Gonzales of Women of Substance NFT and Philippine Blockchain Week, I'm Scott Cunningham for Crypto Daily.

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